Outlet Saturdays.

Day 3: To SANO Premium Outlets we go!

Every time I'm Japan, I always end up going to outlet stores located outside of Tokyo.

Apparently there are alot. I've been to several different ones already. And my parents just keep on discovering these outlets and I have no idea where they get their information.

I love outlets! They give you a feeling as if you're not in Japan any longer, depending on their theme. It's a chance for me to see different designer labels at its fullest, grab the cheapest (but original) label (either American, European or Japanese branded) pieces I can find, and possibly own sample items.
It's exciting being in one.

This time we ended up going to SANO Premium Outlets in Sano City, somewhere in Japan; a 2 hour-ish drive from Tokyo.

I think this was ZUCCA or Plantation.
but I likey and it's 70% off.

No, I didn't get it.

H&M 'The Look of Love' tank, G.U. shorts, black boots, jewelry fr. Forever21, glasses fr. an old friend

Another edition of 'Yours Truly, the Ultimate Nerd'.
THEME: Like a dancer again-nerd.

1. I swear I need to get my own pair of glasses and return those to my friend. (I saw a white one, a lil bigger than the ones I have on now; really cute, spotted in Shibuya's funky streets... deciding, deciding).

2. I look like a dancer again (as in like the ones in the Rehearsal Hall with nothing but a tank top/sports bra/top and cycling shorts) sans the knee highs, glasses and jewelry.

3. It's friggin hot here in Japan.

4. They wouldn't let me wear the blazer, therefore I just purchased a really nice one right then and there. Michel Klein, Paris. Grey, cotton, oversized, just the way I like them.

Dinner @ Capriocciosa
Really good stuff I swear.

RECOMMENDS: The Margherita pizza, the crab pasta, the Capriocciosa pasta

That's the squid pasta.
I really don't like it.

But people here love it and it looks really different and interesting.
Try it out if you can! :)

If you want to get drunk on ice cream, try that.

There's wine poured all over the blueberry and icecream.

All in all, another good shopping day.
My parents purchased more than I did, so that's good.
change is good from time to time.

Earlier during the day...

SPOTTED: Chica-girl of the day.
Maid-en in distress.
Location: Akihabara.

PS. She's a promoter okay? For some new Japanese game that's out or whatnot.
Plenty of them all around but so far she's the most chica.
Love the hair.


  1. You look awesome:) I'd kill to go shopping to Japan!!

  2. Hey hey, you have two options - either you can go pro and pay a small monthly fee; or you can wait until your monthly anniversary at which point the bandwidth will reset. We did the latter and switched to using imageshack to upload photos.

    Goregous look, love those boots!

    - Nadia

  3. U look Stunning, luved ur post!!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog- I really appreciate it! : )

  4. LOVE the boots! Where'd you get them? Am looking for fitted non leather boots right now, and couldn't really find any. They're not leather, right?

  5. cute outfit you wore ! and great pics :)