Back in the Game.

Day 4: Akihabara Nights.

Right, so I know my posts have been seriously slow.
But I've been completely exhausted, tired and stressed; plus my feet have entirely collapsed.

I think I've strained myself during this trip.
Totally exaggerated on the touring, walking all over the city, etc. But I loved it all the same.
It's been hot during the first 3 days of my stay in Tokyo (like sticky, burning, unhealthy hot) so thank goodness by my 4th day, the feel of fall suddenly entered graced Tokyo.

I love fall.

Polly shades, Forever 21 shirtdress, 168 grey shoes, grey beanie fr. Korea

I normally don't like going to Akihabara.
It's a place made entirely for gamers/gadget freaks/electronic lovers, etc

But that day I was extremely excited to go there.

My wish was to get new lens for my little baby Canon....
...today was the day I got my wish! ♥

See what I mean about this district being an 'for all gamers' kind of place?
Here is Oz for them.

Below is a whole picture of a full building where you can buy DVD and eat ramen at the first floor.

Now below is 'PopLife Department Store'
- an entire building selling costumes of anime characters for 'Cosplay'.

It's amazing.
Though i was afraid to go inside.

SPOTTED: Working girls on the streets of Akihabara.
I really do find them extremely adorable and so daring with their daily outfits.

And Chica-girl of the day goes to:

Love her shoes. Love her.

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