This place is like the second 'FUNKYTOWN' here in Tokyo (the first being of course, Harajuku).
My second day of shopping and exploring - and yes, I attempted to do it the Japanese way: CLAD IN HEELS.

The RESULT: Ultimate death of my precious feet. And I didn't wear heels for the duration of my trip no more.

Forever21 white shirt, thrifted dark green jeans, Aszakka orange wedges, Forever21 jewelry

Simply casual.
I noticed that I tend to dress down whenever I shop.
Perhaps to prep me for the new clothes I'm about to purchase?

I present to you all:

I love this design. It's so funky.
It's actually a shoe store I found for hip-hoppers.
It presents an array of shoes in different colors and designs.
Like Rainbow.

The people look so taray even as they wait for the Green Light.

Opening Ceremony.
A newly opened 'branded' department store.

MK & Ashley Olsen were in town a few days before me, just for the opening of this store.
It's a huge building and really beautifully decorated within.
Check it out when you're in Tokyo!

A funky movie house I found.
They only show 2 - 3 movies I think.
(at least that's what the billboards say)

Perhaps the funkiest store I've found.

I saw that billboard and was immediately piqued.
So I went to HMV and actually listened to Superfly's album, Box Emotions.
It's J-Rock and I actually really like it.

Love the concept of the cover of her album.
Love the concept of album arts here in Japan, period.

Right so I did mention in my previous post that I was able to snag new lens for baby Canon.

Therefore, what better place to try it out then here in FUNKYTOWN?

I started taking pictures of funky people. Apparently which I ended up finding to be the subject I was completely interested in; what I wanted to focus on should I ever want to pursue photography.
Why? Because people are interesting. Whether you know them or not, they each have a story to tell.
And the idea may be overused but golly gosh, there's billions of people in this world.
Billions of stories to tell.

But since I'm not so good with photog yet, I feel like such a paparazzi. Doesn't help that my camera looks like one also. Alot of missed opportunities because I felt kind of bad just take their pictures without their consent. They were walking and I didn't want to appear like such a psycho. LOL.

But nevertheless, I have come up with some good ones and I shall present to you all,

- a little lookbook of daily Tokyo street style.

My ultimate fave.
Chica-girl of the day.

So cute how he's looking straight at my camera.


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