8 PM - 11 PM
Omotesando Hills

If you guys watch Japanese dramas *with English subs*, you've probably heard of Hana Kimi, starring Maki Horikita, who portrays a girl who decides to disguise herself as a boy in Osaka High just to help her jumper idol get his life back on track. An absolute heartwarming comedy.

Anyway, I love Maki and I love the dramas she's in.
I can't believe I saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Keep scrolling down to see.

Forever21 checkered jacket, Forever 21 white tank top, Forever 21 ripped jeans, mother's heels

In my previous post, I mentioned how sick I got with touring 2 major cities and how my Achilles' heel was injured due to painful shoes I wore way before my Tokyo trip (I swear I'm never buying CHEAP shoes ever again *2thou pesos below*). But despite the terrible situation, no matter how grave my condition may be, nothing will stop me from going to Omotesando - Harajuku and Fashion's Night Out!

Hence the slip ons.
I normally don't wear slip ons because I just don't like them.
However, on this day, they were the ones who saved my life.
They're my mom's and they're extremely comfortable.
She never buys cheap shoes because she knows how damaging they can be.

Maybe I should follow her examples.

But anyway, welcome to Omotesando.
Unlike Ginza, the luxury brands are aligned along the hills and everybody's your age; funky, chic and awesomely dressed.
The best part of Omotesando is, well if you cant afford but to window shop, you don't need to fret because Harajuku is just beyond the corner! Absolute walking distance!
H&M, Topshop, Forever21, GAP, Laforet, Takeshita street, and everything else we love about Harajuku.

I walked from one end to one end and felt I got better from my fever.
The weather was beautiful and I felt so relaxed taking a stroll along Omotesando.

Anniversaire Cafe.

I love how the trees are so perfectly aligned.
And how refreshed you can feel after looking at them.

A cute little cafe I found which I plan to go back to.

Venue for Fashion's Night Out.
A really awesome mall too, first time I've ever been inside.
I realize how, although there are escalators for convenience, you don't really need to take them to go up or down.
Really funky, high end mall.

OH! Let me introduce to you all my old preschool!

I studied in Tokyo when I was a little girl, first there in Tokyo Union Church for preschool and primary, then at Santa Maria School all the way in Nerima-ku just until Grade 5.

They're both International Schools so I'm really used to mingling with different races and cultures and I absolutely love it.
My bestfriends mostly comprised of different nationalities and that was just really funky.
we could form our own U.N. or something or other.

However, back then, the high end stores weren't as established as they are now.
There were alot of vacant lots back then.

Now, to the left of my old preschool is Emporio Armani.
And to the right is none other than Louis Vuitton.
Seriously, how awesome could this old school get?

Below: Whoever that guy is, I kinda like his shining purple backpack (L)
The Burberry building (R)

This next photo shall be entitled,
Security Enforcer

Vogue on Dior.

Kiddyland has been there since forever.
I have happy Halloween memories in that place.
and the Shakey's beside it?
Seriously the best Shakey's in the entire world.

It's Friday and only 3 PM at the time.
Daily the people amount to that much.
It amounts more during the weekends.

Spotted: Another Condomania.
Your style, your size.

Love the slogan. Direct and straight to the point.

Cute guy I found.

SPOTTED: Chica-girl of the day.
She is edgy and completely adorable at the same time.

Back in Harajuku's world renowned, Takeshita street.
Oh it's been awhile.


Sponsored by Vogue Nippon.

I bought a shirt!!!!! Saw really awesome people.
and OMG. There were a lot of people and security.

Taking pictures was illegal within but....

I was able to snag a few awesome shots.


Stopover at Gelateria Bar Natural Beat @ 4th floor.

Mother wanted dessert.
We got the Gelato Bowl.

Honestly, I didn't really like the taste. Neither did she.
but maybe that's just us.

But do go right on ahead and try it out and see for yourselves!

Live performance by this Japanese artist.
I'm not sure who exactly.
But she sounded great!

An absolute rockstar and omg, I love her dress.

for the Stamp Rally sponsored by Vitamin Water.

The press.

Okay so here it is.

Being illiterate in Japanese, I seriously didn't really know what was going on most of the time.
I really just came to see what this was all about.
I think I've shopped enough for the economy and I think I've contributed my part to help save the fashion industry.

I bought that FNO, Japan shirt to support the charity cause.

However, I didn't expect that actual Japanese celebrities would be there!

I was wondering what the whole commotion was about, what with the press and the FNO's wall and all that.

Although I recognize the other Japanese artists and celebs, my eyes were completely focused on only one in particular.
Maki Horikita.

I love her.

She was on the infamous Hana Kimi and the recent Atashinchi no Danchi and I always found her really cute and pretty.
Tonight, she looked completely different from how she is on TV.
Simple in a black dress and the jewels said everything.
Minimal makeup, too.
She was stunning and just really beautiful with her simple beauty.

I was scolded twice for taking photos coz although I looked like part of the press.
I am not.

Despite that, it was so worth it because I was able to capture one shot of her looking directly at my camera!


And that was Fashion's Night Out, Japan.


  1. Lol @ Maki======what?!
    looking good for the tomatoes
    Too bad her show as Princess kazo didn't keep
    going on & on--I rather like her shy demeanor
    c all after7pm SFOtime message machine@ 510 5490542 wait for the announcement & holler

  2. rockstar is tsuchiya anna most likely
    u should continue ur blog too! it's great seeing blogs on japan but there's just not many :(