Day 8: From Ginza to Shibuya.

This was the day I died.
Okay, exaggeration much, but I did cross huge borders on foot, overstrain myself and my already injured feet and completely forgot about eating that by the end of this day, I had concocted a fever and was in terrible pain.

My mom went overboard and thought it was swine flu.
Oh, she cracks me up.

This was the day I had to scourge the city in search of gifts and requests for friends back home.
I found it so hard to do so!!!!! I asked them, "So what do you want? What kind of this and that do you want?" Then they respond with, "Anything. Kahit ano."
*rips hair out*
That response does not work when you're in a city full of endless choices and possibilities! ARGH. I'm the kind of person who really thinks about what to give to friends because I don't want to just go in a store and pick out the whatever it is I see - that'll be a waste of my money.
I have to give them something with quality, something that reminds me of them, something that's them - coz if them, it's going to be something they'll like.

Next time someone says "kahit ano", I swear I will slap them on the face. No kidding.

The scourging killed me.
Never again will I offer to be so generous. lol.

Zara blue blazer, Forever21 black top, denim shorts, black flats, aviator shades from Shibuya, necklace from Forever 21

Ginza. Everything high end can be found here. A much more snobbish shopping district meant for a more mature, older market. It's quite far from the usual shopping districts like Harajuku, Ometesando, Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

The best part about this is place is that every Saturday and Sunday, the main roads are closed and everyone has the luxury of walking along the roads and just take a relaxing stroll passing luxurious brands and shopping malls as they go along.

That funky building beside Cartier is Banana Republic.
Really awesome architectural building, I swear.

Check out that beauty in pink.

She's one of the window displays for Chanel.

Ambush interview-ing.
I was scared I might get randomly interviewed.
How embarrassing coz I'd probably choke up and forget a single word of Japanese.
Then I realized, they prolly won't interview foreigners anytime soon. lol.

Funky man I met today.
I shall call him Mr. Smith, since he looks like one anyway.

iPhone 3G.
Everyone has one now. Everyone's getting "emails" instead of "texts". And I'm like.."God, I'm such a teenager!!!"
There's wifi wired all over the city, it's amazing.
Still getting the hang of it though.

Saw this traditional man walking on the street and found him completely out of place.
I wonder what he was doing...
Alms? I have no idea.

I've never taken the subway going to Shibuya from Ginza before.
But I had my map and I knew what to do, which line to take etc.

However, one could still get lost as the underground is a ridiculously large labyrinth.
It is a serious challenge to get through.
If you do get out, well and fine without getting lost and asking questions, pat yourself on the back, you are INCREDIBLY WISE AND SMART and you will have no problem in life.

I am serious.

Oedo line.
Funky how there's another door to bar people from either falling or jumping off.

The first line I've ever seen which offers such a security.

After taking the Oedo Line to stopover the Tokyo Station, getting lost for a bit then finally transferring to the JR line, 40 minutes later:
I have finally made it back to Shibuya, ultimate funkytown.

My hidden gem for the day.
I never noticed this until I looked up.

Funky store.
I should've gotten a hat or that funky dress on display.

More files to store for my Little Tokyo Lookbook:

Chica Girls of the Day:

A Japanese Alicia Keys and Posh Spice.
GAAH. I love it.

I see a lot of people with suitcases walking around like it's their normal luggage.
Everytime, I seriously wonder where they're headed off to.

I left at 530-ish and headed off to my mother's office.
Only to find myself going back because my dad had to meet his client in Starbucks, Shibuya.

I was also mistaken to for CANON also, what with my outfit and all.
Sling that SLR on and I ended up looking like some professional photographer.

Starbucks is directly connected to HMV now, so while my dad and his client were discussing matters, I was off exploring the Japanese music world.

Got to listen to the album that drew my attention all throughout my stay here in Tokyo.

Superfly is AMAZING. I expected it to be the usual J-Pop stuff, but apparently it's not.
It's alternative rock and the songs are really great.
Gotta lovett.
If you don't discriminate with music, buy Superfly's Box Emotions on iTunes now!

another album that has been drawing my attention non-stop.
Billboards everywhere, posters, campaigns, everything.
That truck makes a round-the-clock tour all over the city proper everyday of this week.

Everytime I'm out, I always see that same truck.
It plays her music too.
So while it's driving around, you can hear a preview of the songs of the album.

Funky car.
Saw this twice at different dates.
Some funky chick owns and drives it.

And as I walk the end of this tunnel, my tiring day is therefore concluded.

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  1. gooshh girl I so love your blog. your japan trip seems so FUN!! I wish I could also travel and actually live there from time to time. you're so lucky! Also, I am loving the pictures! The items in those sidewalk shops are to die for! The sneakers are amazeee.