Lost in Translation.

Day 7: Getting Lost in Ropponggi.

(My day 6 was spent at home as my feet had entirely collapsed on me and I wanted more sleep)

This was the day I was scheduled to meet up with my old yaya who took care of me when I was little.
I had to go to the office with my parents though because that's where she meant to pick me up.
Argh. So not used to waking up at 6AM in the friggin morning. Thank goodness for hot water.

However, the drive going to my mother's office was kinda wild, for lack of better term. My dad felt the normal route would be extremely traffic so he U-turned and decided to take the highway going to the city.
When we get up there, it's traffic as well, and from afar, one could see helicopters on the bridges, cars all lined up in traffic, sirens screeching, all that.

Apparently reason for all the commotion was that someone jumped off on the train tracks at the station before mine. Then there was another one who jumped off at the last station at the end of Tozai line, which is the same line in where the other person killed himself. Double suicide.

I kind of felt alarmed and terrified at the notion of that. I can only imagine the trauma and reaction of the people who had to witness such a thing so early in the morning.

It's been cloudy all day and I wouldn't be surprised as to why. Scary.


Back to some good news, here's my outfit for the day. LOL. Coz fashion's always fun.
I swear as I was walking to the office with my mom, I felt like I was an employee of that bank too.
I look like I'm off to work. As in actual office work. LOL.

Michel Klein, Paris grey blazer, H&M harem pants, FCUK belt, Olivedez Olive bag

My yaya picked me up at the office around 10 am-ish.
Felt so sleepy while waiting but thank God for TTW.

stopped by Ebisu coz she had to make a stopover the Ward.
Took the bus going there.
I actually like taking buses!
But it seems so complicated because I'm extremely terrible at Kanji, therefore, I wouldn't know which bus to take and that wouldn't be good.

Below: A really cute billboard ad for the Calpis drink.

Welcome to Roppongi.

The Mori Tower.

After 2 hours of being in the Ward, my yaya and I were famished.
So off to RAMEN we went!

She actually led me to this narrow alley which I've never been too.
It had a really good ramen place which surprisingly had a line!
(I've never lined up for ramen before so this was new)

It's Wednesday and lunchtime so everyone there was prolly an employee from a nearby major company.
Men in polos, men in suits & ties.
I seemed like the only foreigner girl there (aside from my yaya of course). Thank goodness I look like I'm working woman! :))
Plus I had like a professional camera slinged over my shoulder, so there was that deception that I was working for a media company, CANON or was a photographer myself.


With a few more twists and turns, the alley we started in, ended up leading us to The Franciscan Chapel, a famous International Church here in Roppongi.
It's the Church I go to whenever I'm here in Tokyo.

Okay so after lunch, my yaya took me to the U.S. Embassy Dormitories (where all the people who work for the U.S. Embassy stay in), showed me the hood and after awhile, we had to part ways because she had to get to work.

It was still 2PM and I wanted to explore, so I decided:
On to Roppongi Hills I go!

Roppongi Hills is one the newest features in Roppongi, opened around 2-3 years ago.

It's a HUGE HUGE HUGE space filled with restaurants, boutique shops and luxury brands. There's a park with a lake, a huge international arena (premieres, concerts, galas, and major events local and international are held here; Tom Cruise, Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe, to name a few, have been here to hold premieres for their movies), TV Asahi - a major TV network station is also located here in Roppongi Hills.

Their building is made of glass.
Now that's a place I'd like to tour and get lost in.

I know there are directions and arrows everywhere, but this place is seriously humongous.
You wouldn't know which way to go, which arrow you should follow.

I got lost.
I think I went through every loophole this place was.

Thank God I was in flats or else I would've died again.

As the sun was setting, I was so tired I didn't want to bother going back to my mother's office and wait for her to finish.
So I tried to make my way to the train station -- somewhere underneath all this -- and looked so problematized that I noticed the Japanese people looking at me curiously.

I didn't ask for help though coz I was shy. LOL.
But I did make it through.
So thank goodness for that.

The oldies were having a little pictorial when I arrived in the scene.

Tokyo Tower, I see you from here.

One of the best places to get Crepe here.

The park down below.

I have no idea how I ended up seeing roads

Gahh, look at that.
(the roads I mean)

A little Italian place I found.
I want.

See the leopard? I like.

Chica-girl of the day:
Seriously where do these people get their SHOES?!?!?!

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