RECAP: Funky Finds.

Now that I am back in the Hell-ish Land, I feel extremely nostalgic for home.

Skype is cool, but it doesnt help that my parents are never online. I do love the idea how I can Skype through my phone though. Free of charge and it can go on and on and on. :P

anyway since I'm missing Tokyo SO MUCH, I decided to blog about my most favorite sites ever seen - and been to - during my weeklong stay there; those little surprises that prop up when you least expect them.

1. Train stations present to you their ultimate rulebook.

-I find this funny because of the 'athletic club' terminology and the thought of someone actually doing that in the train.
Therefore, if you're there, please... just... don't. If you intend to, this campaign is meant for you.

2. Maki Horikita (Hana Kimi, Innocent Love, Atashinchi no Danchi) @ Fashion's Night Out, Japan.

(nuff said)

3. Jangara Ramen

- Because how can you go on with life without having a taste of this?
NOTE: This isn't the ordinary ramen.

4. Forever21 - H&M

- Ultimately my most favorite stores in the entire world.
However, I do feel I need to part with these two awesome stores when I go back (okay, no, lol), because I do finally want to explore Laforet to it's fullest and actually purchase something from there.

5. Superfly - Box Emotions

-Awesome album. Awesome album art. Awesome music. GET IT!!!
(yes, I do have the album)

6. SPOTTED: A really funky car.

- Yes, I saw that particular car two days in a row; once, parked, the other time actually being driven. This Japanese chick was driving it.
Really cool. Would you personalize your car like that?

7. My most fave chica-girls...
...officially goes to these two!

8. Funky hidden gem found in Shibuya

- right. So honestly I was afraid to actually go inside this store - iono why. Maybe it was too funky for me to take. But it's interesting right?

9. Vogue for Dior

I just really like their window display.

10. Rainbow

- store for all hiphoppers and fancy shoes for them. And yes, the shoes vary in colors and designs. You'll feel like you've entered a rainbow haven once you enter this store.

And finally, this cute kid I found in Ginza one day.
Ain't he just adorable?

I'm missing Tokyo badly and I really hope the days fly even faster than they are now.
December is just a wee bit away and I can't wait.

For now, we shall just walk away till the time we come back to where we belong.

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  1. sugoi! i'm so envious. i wanna go to japan too! ^^ i'm also a japanophile. haha.

    i love ur blog! really cool. i'd like to see some of your loot from your trip. ^^