Channeling the Inner Rockstar.

I've been inspired by her lately. I am in love with her extreme punk rock getup. It's smashing.
And now that she plays a quieter, less annoying character in the latest Gossip Girl, what's not to love?

I can't wait till the release of her album.

However, it's too difficult to embody her style, no matter how much I desperately want to, because of the damn weather.
The Philippines is naturally a tropical country, therefore....

Well atleast I did finally found a way to wear that leather jacket of mine.
(PS. Ignore the mess of my home)

Forever21 leather jacket, Forever21 white tank top, black tights, black boots

I also have designated days of when to go on a full-out dress up day.

Annoying how that is so.
There are days when I'm supposed to be all glam-ed up, and there are days when I'm supposed to look like basic crap, for lack of better term.

But anyway, here's my take on Thumbelina.

This week I just finished the most AWESOME book in the whole world.

The movie was already moving enough, the book is 10 times even more so.
It's obviously the extended version of the movie.

Beautiful, moving, deep.
The author makes you completely attached to the characters, especially to Henry.

By the last fleeting pages, I am crying like an idiot and seriously wishing that things didn't have to end the way they had to, that there was a Part 2 and that I was going to write to the author to resurrect Henry or something.

Then again, in another lifetime, he is still quite alive; still living his life till ends at 43.
In a way, I find it quite unfair.
How life is already foretold that way, that it's already set.
It's repetitive and you can't really do anything about it.
It happens and that's the way it happens, no matter what.
Even if you time travel or know that there's another you at a 1996, on her first day for the First Grade.
You can't change how things have been done. Pfft.

I've decided to take a break on the fiction (coz that last one totally broke my heart) and have now decided to delve in on Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

NO. It is NOT about them.
This is NOT like a Paris Hilton biographical book smothered in pink and jewels, no.

This amazing coffee table book is a compilation of thorough interviews of influential, renowned people in art, fashion design, interior design, photography, modeling.
It's intellectual, and you get to know these people who have helped shaped the world of art & fashion as we know it today.

I love each person has something amazing, uplifting and inspiring to say at some point.
So far my favorite has been George Condo, painter/artist.
I've been delving into art again and loving it, though I have no idea what to do next and I keep screwing up my works every other minute or so.
But I love it.

In time, I'll be confident enough to create my own artworks and showcase it here!
But till then, inspiration comes from the most influential people known today.

Some painting of George Condo which I found on the net.

They're some of the most frightening paintings I've ever seen.
Like my insides are clawing uncomfortably every time I look upon these.

But it's the truth in a way, perhaps that's why it's so alarming and so frightening.
It's radical.
You wouldn't get it unless you looked passed the painting and into yourself and the society we have now (or at least the dirts society has got going on for quite some time now)

Jesus, 2007.

The Nun and the Priest, 2007.

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