Philippine Fashion Week Day 1.

It's Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010!!!

And I CANNOT believe I'm in the country just in time for it! It's on from October 21 - 28 @ the SMX Convention Center.
I only found out about this like the weekend before and I was panicking trying to find all means possible on getting invites to the show, any show! lol.

Thank goodness, miracles happen and I was able to get guestlisted for the first day, Oct21, 730 show.

The line was only the SM RTW but my God. They actually have pretty good stuff that I didn't expect! And I'm thinking, "so are they really gonna sell those or are those just for show?" Lol.

and along with the clothes, the models are damn gorgeous in it.

Definitely a good first show for a first timer at Fashion Week. Oh and did I mention I got good seats? 3rd row baby!

My Fashion Week comrade: Ria

And the show begins in glamorous pink.

Still off to another show in a bit!
Will post again soon!


  1. daarrnn the guys are HOT!! i super love the outfit of the guy in the plaid polo!

  2. well.,every one is looks so terrific .
    much love <333

    bissoousss xoxox,