Remix That!

The last week has been nothing but me attending events.

There was Philippine Fashion Week and then there was Remix '09, and then there was this grandiose debut I went to as well and an art exhibition at the Silver Lens Gallery - all in a span of one week.

I personally love attending events because they're always perfect excuses to dress up and look exceedingly beyond the norm.

And this year's Remix '09 is no exception from the little rule I've made for my life.

I've been doing nothing but watching or checking out runway shows on Fashion TV or Style.com and the latest of Burberry has been such an inspiration. They've got blazers and trenchcoats in light pastels with nothing but a belt holding them together. See my take on it:

thrifted checkered blazer from Tokyo, 168 high waist shorts, H&M top, 168 grey shoes

My chica-girl companion for the night.

Gotta love the new do. I swear.
And she was crying the first day she had it. Ridiculous. I swear.
It's so very fierce, don't you think?

Remix is an annual inter-school dance competition hosted by the 2 major dance groups in the university, LSDC-Street and LSDC-Jazz (I refuse to call it Contemporary, lol).

This major production we attended was the finals for the final 10 groups vying for the grand prize.
Theme for this year: Voter's Education.

The opening number starts with the BEP's One Tribe and my girls in their leather jackets and funky shorts.

Nadine (middle) is wearing my leather jacket fr. Forever21.

That's Meg, rockin' the dancefloor.

The Opening Number by LSDC.

New Breed.
- they won 1st Runner Up (2nd Place).
I love their PINOY AND PROUD shirts. They should definitely try to spread it around.

from LSDC-Street's Skechers Dance Piece (used as an intermission number here)

Team Elite.
-former Street members formed this group.
-they won 2nd Runner-up (3rd place in the Finals)


The Skittlez Crew.
-recurring champions return for another year in Remix
- They were supposed to win Champion again this year, but... well some calculation technicalities or whatnot during the Eliminations round, caused them to just be 4th place this year.


The LSDC collab, contemporary piece.

And the great surprise for the audience.

I love her advocacy campaigns about Filipino nationalism, how she tackles on the different issues here in the country and urges the youth to act and take part in helping alleviate the nation's dirt.

Honestly the best part of the show for me.
That was when I was truly inspired, I swear.

All in all, it was a really good show - absolutely beyond my expectations.
Definitely something worth my money for.
Congrats to all my lovely friends who worked hard for the production of such a major event!
It was a huge success!
MWAH to you all!


  1. Ate Rika, I'll grab some photos ah. Thank you. :-)

  2. Hey, it's Skechers not Sketchers btw. :)

  3. Luv ur blazer and ur photos hun!!! Hope u have a stunning wknd : ) xx