At Your Vintage Best.

Right. About time I got to blogging about this. I was sick so excuse me for the delays.

But here it is, my little wee entry about dearest Kate's debut! Finally the woman is friggin 18 and we have more younglings growing up, nearing 2o. LOL.

Theme: Vintage Chic
When: October 24, 2009
Location: In the Middle-of-Nowhere

*at least it was in the middle of nowhere for most of us who didn't live in the South anymore/at all

This debut was really awesome. I didn't know anyone who attended (except TEAM FAB and Coach Ajjie and Kate herself) but I actually had so much fun! Everybody was just really sweet and funny, it made most of the guests cry! There was that SPARK moment and that was just adorable. Oh and then her brothers were really sweet too.

Kate, you are so very lucky, honey.
You are an inspiration to us all.
And I hope many good things keep on coming your way. And if not, at least you still have amazing people surrounding you.

Coach Ajjie was really awesome too, so very funny and funky and everything lovely under the moon. We did fight over one guy though but it was so useless seeing as the man we're fighting over is already taken so very far away from us. Rawr.
One of the things I discovered that night was that me and Coach Ajjie apparently were in the same shows back when we were in STEPS (this was the 2005 summer concerts of STEPS Dance Studio in CCP, and I was new and everything happening around me was just amazing and miraculous). Since I was new, I didn't really anyone from the Upper/Advance Classes, I just knew their dance was momentous - absolutely unforgettable.
I used to remember referring Coach Ajjie as "The Flying Stunt Man" coz he was just flying and jumping all over the place.

So there. Pleased to me, person who was a part of my childhood.
You are an inspiration too.

And OH! Last thing:

Tonight was the night I fell in love too.


I'm kidding okay? Haha.

All in all, amazing debut. Rate: 5 Stars.
Everyone there was at their vintage best!

This is what I wore.

Mafia Clothing Co. golden sequin dress, People R People heels

I look like an idiot in the photo but the point is the dress so concentrate on that. lol.

KATE, the debutante in her most beautiful blue dress.

Kate's brothers and father.

Kate with her gorgeous TEAMFAB loves and photographer

Kim's speech (when Kate finally got it right, lol)

Kate with her best dressed

Photos throughout the night:

TEAM FAB, I love you!


Monica Villarica, gone lo-ko.

At least her entire outfit is lovely, don't cha think?

Adorable kid we danced with! So cute! I want one too! LOL.

Thank you, KATE!

P.S. Anyone else notice how most of the entry is filled with images of my roommate, Monica?

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