Philippine Fashion Week Day 5 Part 2.

And as promised, here it is: PFW S/S2010 Day 5 Part 2.

2nd show I watched that day, this one being at 7PM presenting Sassa Jimenez and her designs.
Spotted A LOT of Lasallians during this particular show.

Again not what I expected -- because this time, the designs were beyond AMAZING --> That word doesn't even cover half of how I feel about the show. Gaahh, if only I could showcase in this blog every single design that walked on that runway... but sadly, I was in such a trance while the show was going on, that it's seriously a miracles I was able to gather all these photos!

I'd buy all her clothes if I could! I'd definitely go to her if I have a design need. Lol.

Oh. Let us all take note that this designer is only 22, possibly going on 23.
She is so inspiring.

Things seen and thought during the show:
--- "SEQUINS OMG!", army of renegade fierceness, modernistic vs. futuristic, officewear-extremely fierced out, aquatic, aliens, Star Wars: if they had Jedi women, more sequins, leather & anaconda skins personified, vision: If Queen Amidala turned dark, that's what she would wear. Darth Vader, watch out! , women empowerment.

Rating: 5!!
The Beginnings are always in White

Here cometh the army:

See what I mean by army and Jedi?

Office workwear. I dare you. Go.

Leather personified.


Okay, here it is, my most favorite dress of all time.
This is what Queen Amidala would be wearing had she gone dark as well.

The final piece.

I swear, the ending was exhilarating.
And I was just stunned that it was over as soon as it began.

The designer, Sassa Jimenez and her leading model.


Right. So, basically, I couldn't breathe after the show.
It's kinda hard to get over, you know. lol.

But that concludes my Fashion Week adventures.

and finally, let me introduce to you all, my Fashion Week buddies!

Fashion savy people: Andrew and Ria.

And I love how Fashion Week is this huge, amazing convention where the all the gorgeous people who exist out there in the world and who are not afraid to show everyone what they have got, can get together in one huge hall and just appreciate fashion together!

and finally me, yours truly, le outfit for the day.

H&M top, H&M skirt, People R People heels, Villarica's bag, Forever21 accessories.

I am H&M girl. I swear.
I will try not to shop there ever.
Key word here is: TRY.

Anyway, I'm inspired.
Can't wait till the next Fashion Week!


  1. Hi! :) WOW! thank you so much for your kind and flattering words! your blog is awesome...I am officially a fan. I'm glad you liked the show! Was soooooo excited to unveil that collection...again, many thanks!!!

    - Sassa J.

  2. love your blog so many great pictures!

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  3. Wow really luved ur pics!! Thanks!! So inspiring!! Hope u well xxx

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