Innersoul's Dozen Delights [LATE POST].

The hiatus is finally over!!!
I have missed blogging so much, I want to cry. It has been awhile.

Honestly, a lot's been happening. A lot has happened. And ooh, there's still a lot more to come.

And while I'd love to rant on the reasons as to why I've been MIA for this past month, I need to get on with this extremely late post first.

Right. Innersoul's annual concert, this year entitled, "Dozen Delights", re-staged several popular hit songs back during the day, giving us a dose of those unforgettable delights we used to sing to way back when.

In the concert, the younglings of the previous year have grown up and standing their own ground quite well. And while I'm still reminiscent of the batch I had grown to know (who, btw, performed a surprise medley in the middle of the show), the batch now shows unexpected potential and passion for the stage. Translation? I was completely blown over.

I have no idea who the people in Innersoul are now, but by God, they're surprisingly amazing up there. Sadly, I was not able to capture all of them in a good photo (good photo = no heads blocking the picture/within the frame). That was my only regret.
My dearest classmate, Michelle Confesor, the girl who seems so shy and sweet in person, transforms into a completely different person on stage - so much fire and so much energy. I have to say that 1. I didn't know she could sing so well and 2. Seriously, where did all that come from?
Michelle, if you're reading this, you have to understand I am now your fan. You were spectacular. I love you! :)

Enjoyed the Innersoul concert this year. Here are just a few of the good shots I was able to take. If you know their names, please tell me who they are so I can label the photos properly! Thanks! :)


Chichi Adam.

Wayne Lee.

Special Performance by:

LSDC - Jazz

Monica Villarica in my Lovevintage leggings.

LSDC - Street

Gabriella Fortun

My Michelle Confesor tribute:

Surprise performance by:

The Alumni.

My dearest friends, Raffy Casas and Fredison Lo -- HOHMAIGAWD! I FINALLY HEARD YOU PEOPLE SING!!!

(They were really amazing -- I can't believe I missed out on that!)

The Hosts:

Raffy Casas and Sam de Guzman.

HAHA. They were so funny. They had a really funny hosting segment. Super BENTA.

And that was Innersoul, Dozen Delights.

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