A 'Zombie Apocalypse' Production.

one of the major production we had to do for finals:

a 5-10 minute video production based on a plot chosen by our prof.

CONCEPT: An Adventure plot, starring 2 video-addict boys who have spent the last several weeks locked in their apartment, playing lovely video games. Meanwhile, the world outside has been taken over by ZOMBIES. a series of unforeseen events forces them to get out of their tomb-like state and use their gamer wits to save the world from being run over by zombies.

Basically, it was 2 full weeks of them invading my little apartment and transforming it into a "boy's room". Stress, heat and randomness caused us all to 1. have unforgettable laughs and take absolutely ridiculous photos 2. get sick together and 3. accomplish the mission of completing this project (albeit there were sooo many mistakes during the final output, but hey... lessons learned and it had been fun working on this!)

Below are some photos of what took place BEHIND-THE-SCENES:


  1. scary photos!
    Tomorrow x

  2. i love your plain white tee! whered ya get it? :)

  3. @ trishcamille: Forever21 here in Tokyo. :)