As Random as We Can Get.

Right. Let me tell you how this all began:

It was Tuesday and Christmas break officially began for the most of us. While walking to the restua where Ria and I intended to lunch at, this conversation strikes up:

Arianne: I want to go to Makati. Right now.
Marika: Okay!
Arianne: Tara!
Marika: Seryoso?
Arianne: Yeah, let's go!

Funny how only a few words can create such wonders. Cyd came, bringing nothing with him and it looked as if he just lived in a nearby condo while in fact, he lives far south.

Train to Makati, while making fun of every grammar mistake we hear along the way. When we reached Greenbelt, weird magic just happened and the result is a bunch of photos from random photoshoots all over the place, tons of laughter, too much barok-ness, someone falling in the bushes, Coffee Bean eavesdropping moments and learning new "vocabs". I swear we could make ads with these photos!

Awesome day, despite not really doing anything at all.
I love my friends.

We did not talkabout it. Just shows how in sync we are.

Random girl playing by the fountain.

By Greenbelt 4.

By the greenery near the Chapel.

Camera, watch out! WE're coming for you!

Back to the fountain.

The foto-graf-er, Cyd.

Arianne as she makes a mad dash for the exit.

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