One Last Hurrah Before The Flight Commences.

hilarious photo of the entire bunch.
just a little preview of this blog entry.

12.17.09. Thursday. Might as well call it the last hurrah before the flight commences. Awesome day with the crew, starting at 12noon with lunch at Army Navy, Taft then moving to MOA to wait for the rest. (i just have to say, since the holidays have just begun, thatparticular mall was jam-packed by people.. who are so... out of this world -- it's beyond my explanation. I am evil. i know that).
SPOTTED: a hot, perfectly tanned god + 10 million JJs.

After MOA, we headed off to Music Match, a karaoke place along Macapagal. Awesome, awesome time! Not a shabby place and not that expensive either.
All soul's bared during this karaoke night experience.

People had to leave early and it boiled down to the final 4 to commence a little dinner/drinks session at Pier One. More randomness, vocab lessons, drunken moments (on my part) and soul baring. I ended up in FRIDAY's with my old GreenGiant alumni family after the whole thing, just to sober up. However, it was as if it was Kris who was drunk and not me. Funny.

Such a lovely day full of laughter and friends.

Thank God for them.
enjoy the photos!

Laban. Against the "critique-er"

In search for a cab.

@ MOA -- JJ-ing ourselves.

Ding Dong Dantes vs. Jollibee.
Take your pick.

Of Dairy Queen and horrific blues.

Eyes on the prize, boy.

@ Music Match.

"The Bar Scene":

Karaoke night with my loves.

*well there was only one couple and thaat was them so... *

Can you spot the grammatical error?
-- sorry, we just had to.

Dinner mates @ Pier One.

Cocktales: Tales about the Cock.


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