Sunday Afternoons at Ginza District.

hi all! as you can see, I am back in Tokyo! Just arrived Saturday. It is freezing cold here and gosh, winter wonderland much? I'm totally loving it so far.

Sunday afternoons call for strolls along the Ginza main district which I have missed doing entirely too much. I was in search for a certain pick mentioned to me by a friend, but unfortunately I wasn't so successful in that mission because I couldn't really find any music store along the main road... that or maybe I was too distracted by ZARA and H&M's towering buildings.

And holy molly, speaking of H&M, I walk in and I thought I would hyperventilate: THE ENTIRE 1st FLOOR WAS ON SALE WITH PRICES RANGING FROM 1000 YEN - 2000 YEN ONLY. EVERYTHING. EVERY-THING FROM SUMMER TO FALL WAS COMPLETELY AFFORDABLE. It's heaven right at the palm of your hands. Example, gorgeous golden dress I have been eying when I was here during the fall which was originally priced at 6,990 yen became 2-effin-thousand. I was devastated that the only sizes left on the racks was 40 - 44 (definitely too big for me) but then, an hour later as I was summing up my pieces, there, in the centre pile was the same golden dress I wanted -- in my size!
God loves me. I swear.
Apart from that lucky moment, I was able to get a bunch awesome pieces! Oh and FYI, there are now 3 branches of H&M here in Tokyo, 1 at Ginza, 1 at Harajuku and a newly opened one at Shibuya!
Each branch caters to different target buyers which means the pieces sold vary according to the specified target buyers. Sale is until JANUARY 10, 2010, with pieces continuously being brought in and changing. Gahh, well I guess the goal was to finish all stocks, and at the rate they're going, they'll probably accomplish that mission with no sweat at all.

God i love H&M.

Hello Tokyo, it's been awhile.

yours truly
- a happy shopper.

Right. Okay so there was a really, really long line that stretched on all afternoon.
apparently, Abercrombie & Fitch has officially opened a branch here in Ginza and although I didn't line up at the time, I intend to do so sometime soon.
It had it's own thing going on from what I could see outside, it got me curious... I really want to go in soon!

SPOTTED. Most adorable winter outfit of the day.

See my lips? They're pretty & pink.
Using Lancome, Paris Rose Impulsion.
Ladies, you all should try it out if you are looking for the perfect lip stick this Christmas.

i usually don't wear makeup, but since i had to protect myself from breaking out in the cold winter, i had to give it a go. and et voila! My lips are perfection.


flying -- weird thing.. iono, it's not a sight you see every day.

Most adorable baby spotted!
I want to hug her!

From Ginza, we had to attend mass in Ropponggi, dinner at a ramen house after and then we checked out the all new Tokyo Midtown.

They have amazing lights put up.

It is beautiful here. I'm getting the Christmas feel in my system already.

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  1. wooww lovely! i'm so jealous you go there every so often!