Hey, it's Christmas!


This was actually taken 12.24.09. I find myself making an impromptu trip back to Shibuya.
A new H&M branch has been established there, and my mind had to be put to rest.

Christmas calls for lovely reds, hence the Topshop floral dress + 10million layers of black all over me.

It felt so great to be back in Shibuya. I swear. I almost cried. HAHA.

Below is something new.
A little surprise Christmas treat brought in by the fashion Santas.

et voila!
arrived at our destination at last.

I shall dub it the best branch among all three here.
God, the artworks, the inscriptions on the walls, the space -- everything about it -- so friggin' inspired! And i desperately wish i could photograph the designs and artworks i saw within, but i feared being scolded about not being allowed to take pictures.

Random Shibuya finds. Amateur photograph-ism here we go. lol.

The huge purple themed Christmas tree is actually located in Ebisu station (I had to take the photo). That man -- yes, that is a man, not a mannequin, although all he does all day is remain still in that one spot -- was located in Shibuya station.

They have new campaign!
I love the Tokyo Metro campaigns I swear about do's and dont's in the train. They are so funky.

Christmas eve was spent in Ropponggi. Sadly, I wasnt able to cook the Christmas feast as I had planned. Mass lasted 3 whole hours, my God. lol.
Looking forward to the NewYear feast.

and although my Christmas eve wasn't as usual -- it was, so to speak, more simple, quieter and more reflective -- I think I pretty much liked this year's eve than last's - a big disaster despite the festivity and traditional whatnots.
all in all a happy night paving in for a happy Christmas day ahead.
Hope you all had your fill for Christmas as well! :)

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