When Life Gives You Flat Tires..

sometime before Christmas day, we decided to take a trip a wee bit out of the city proper just to do our Christmas groceries. We wanted American products because they were cheap, good and bulky (in terms of quantity). and the only places to get exactly what we wanted was either COSTCO or the Yokota Airbase. the airbase was chosen for this particular mission.
Since I've never, ever been to the Airbase in my entire life here in Japan, I was really ecstatic about going there.
Btw, Yokota Airbase is the Navy Base for American soldiers assigned in Tokyo. They live in that Americanized area with their families, etc. Entrance to this base requires 10million documents and scary checkpoint Japanese guards who know how to speak in English.

Anyway, as it was, we were already running late [orig. plan was to leave at 10AM, be there 12-ish --- we ended up starting on the road 2PM], and then suddenly while driving in the middle of the expressway, my mother pulls over to what we call the "sleeve" of the road and voila. a flat tire.

talk about emergencies.
it was kinda funny though. everyone was on the phone calling different people at the same time -- my mother, the JAF company who was going to save us; tita ruth, someone who could help translate what the JAF person is saying; and me, my father asking him where the hell we were (although he wasn't even there on the scene) so that we could tell the JAF person properly where he can save us.

we didn't know what "flat tire" was in Japanese. it was a funny conversation between my mother and JAF person.

since it was a holiday, they were short on people and it took them quite awhile to get there. While waiting, I decided, 'why not be productive?' and started getting on with a mini-photoshoot. The older women decided it best they try to fix the flat tire on their own til JAF person comes in to rescue us. They didn't know how to fix a flat tire -- none of us knew how. all they were doing was based on instinct and brains and whatever else they had in them.
independent women in action, people!
and hey, they got the job done.
All JAF person needed to do was check if what they did was right or not.

How the tire got flat : some psycho teenage boy slashed our tire in the midst of his boredom.
How long it took JAF person to rescue us : 30 mins to an hour.
What time we reached the Airbase : 5 PM.
next time, we shouldn't even be allowed to set a time. it never works anyway.

don't ask me why i look like i'm dressed as if it's fall and not winter.
i just didn't want to wear my bulky jacket as my brother took my photo. and oh! although it doesn't appear to be so, there are 10million layers within that outfit.

The shirtdress = very Christopher Kane who I love, therefore I love that dress.

hi. save me. kthanxbye.

random things.

haha. this is a funny sign if you think about the situation.

brother dear.

the destination.

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