Lights Up in Odaiba.

and that my friends is the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba.
It's magnificent at night, along with everything else surrounding it.
Lights, lights, lights.
oh so beautiful lights.

When you're driving through the Rainbow Bridge, you see the city completely lit up before your eyes -- whether it's Christmas or not.
It's so beautiful you'd want to cry -- you have to relish what you see.
Perfect song as I drive by this area : Girlfriend by Phoenix.

the grandeur of this place will take your breath away and my photos do not do them justice.
You have to go there yourselves to see it.
Odaiba, Tokyo.

we went to watch Avatar (by the way, an extremely stressful-yet-beautiful-and-moving movie) and they were showcasing the latest of Mercedes-Benz by the lobby.
gaah -- it was a sight to see, and such a luxury to be in -- but... haha. Someday, when I grow up.
The price of it was also a sight to see.

Other random showcases by the Cinema lobby:

After the movie, we went outside to take in the sights and lights to see.
here's what i got so far:

... and that was Odaiba.
Well, just a little of it.

P.S. I want vitamin water.

song currently playing:

Empire State of Mind - - Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys



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  3. i LOVE seeing rainbow bridge when i drive back home from narita :) thanks for capturing this, makes me miss home!