A Walk in the Park.


It's been a 3 month hiatus and after all the drama, stress and sickness, I think it's about time I restart doing the things I love doing (but have temporarily dropped) - blogging and fashion.

And did I mention I'm back in Tokyo?

Ohmy. I have missed this city wayyy too much. I am so excited to explore, discover funky things, revisit old favorites, take pictures, EVERYTHING.

Below are a bunch of RANDOM photos I took Sunday:
(from a flea market in Meiji-jingu Gaien, Akihabara and Ueno Park)

I had forgotten how beautiful this city was. The weather is slightly annoying - since it's April and it's still freezing, WHY. though I find more reason to wear boots, raid my mother's closet and wear my leather jackets, still... A little less on the chilly breeze would be great. But all the same, I'm so happy to be here.
No, I have not dared to go to an H&M branch yet. I fear the outcome of that trip. I've been viewing their latest Garden Collections and okay, let me just say, that H&M is seriously the only brand that can make me abandon the blacks and grey for the loud&pretty, girly-summery prints. Gah.
Tokyo is amazing and I have yet to explore it still. I'll never get tired of this city. I'm gathering up a bunch of lovely songs for a new TOKYO playlist, the XX is coming here and I definitely wanna go, also planning a little project to do just to keep me busy and working still!
It's late and I gotta jet.

Oh, it is so great to be back.

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