"Beauty in Damage"
- a photo series on body image issues, beauty and the extremes people take just to achieve it.
My first ever photo essay project for my basic photography class - and although it's not as good as most, I am very proud of it and very thankful to the people who participated in this project: Arianne Casco, Lauren Lim, Anna Kahayon, Ann Li, Chi Kotur & Nixon Marquez, Gayle Peneranda, Patricia de Leon and Maggie Sham, thank you for letting me shoot you all and made you do weird, funky things. It was great meeting some of you for the first time ever, and I hope I could spend more time with you all and get to know you more, coz you seem to be like awesome people! Thank you all with helping me with this project! I love you all!
And in my mind, you are all gorgeous and beautiful people, inside and out.
So, don't be like the characters you portrayed in these photos, coz you don't need to be insecure and unsure of yourselves! That's the point of this entire thing: to see your own beauty and be happy and contented with it.
Thank you all once again.

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  1. Rika this isn't worth a 1.5! Haha it's niiiiice