The Muddy Tulip Festival.


Saturday, Sakura City, Chiba for The Tulip Festival.

The maddening downpour had been running all week, so everything was muddy and splotchy when we got there. Saturday, and the weather was torn between wanting to be sunny or cloudy and the lighting was extremely annoying because of the fickle shifts of moods. In the end, the weather finally decided what it wanted it to be for the next 2 hours and woah, with the heavy downpour yet again, only for me to realize that it was not rain pouring but HAIL. It was HAIL-ing, canyoubelievethat.
I was torn between awe and annoyance at the sight. Awe because, well I mean, it's not everyday I get to experience hail -- and it looked kinda cool. Annoyance because, mygod, it's friggin APRIL and there is HAIL. What is up with the weather seriously. What's next? Snow in May?! Can we please have some actual spring sometime soon, please? I'm actually tired of the winter, the cold and the depression of it all, I WANT SOME LOVELY WEATHER AND SOME COLOR IN MY LIFE. Lol.
However despite this, I did end up seeing so many colors take form before me and taking absolute delight in it all. And can I just say how organized the colors of the tulips were arranged? "Beautiful" is seriously an understatement and I'm not even sure my photos did any of it justification. I really like seeing organized displays of color arrangement -- reminds me of a crayon/oil pastel box, which I have this crazy fixation on. It's soo... beautifully fixed. Blah.
It's amazing how such sights can instantly lighten a sickening condition and mind and gah, I am so ready for the spring. Goodbye for awhile to my blacks and greys and hello to all the colors ever made!

Oh, and btw, the photo of the lady in pink taking of photo of something was taken because she highly reminded me of my professor in writing, so similar were they in appearance and dress that I almost called out her name and humilated myself! Thank goodness, doppelganger professor turned my way and oops, there we go, she was a Taiwanese traveller and not my prof. lala!

I loved how The Tulip Festival was beautifully dramatic, I am so inspired right now.
Everything seems so dramatic.

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  1. omg amaizng photos... ive never seen anything as beautiful as this!

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