A Blooming Rose.

Just yesterday. A morning trip to the byoin leaves me stranded in Ginza, happily strolling around with a McFlurry in hand. A step closer to recovery? I certainly hope so!

Sunday, I was ecstatic about finally visiting Harajuku and entering the gates of H&M and Forever21. One of my best friends told me about this Rose Jacket from the H&M Garden Collection, told me to get it and well... who am I to resist such a beauty? I did find another funky jacket and I let my brother choose (I know, but who else was there during such a dilemma?) and he picked out this Rose Jacket! Watcha think? Yay or nay? It was the only thing I got, surprisingly!
I don't know about you, but I'm totally loving it. However, my eyes are a bit confused. Is it really red or is it really orange?
My brother says, "red" but I keep saying, "orange". Colorblindness, I hope that's not it. :|

All the photos for this entry were the result of an impromptu photoshoot at a nearby park!
It was late afternoon so it was getting kinda cold, hence the slight coverup all around and the simplicity of the entire outfit -- but I guess that's the whole point: Something extravagant over casual-ism. The shoot was fun, I realize I kinda love how my brother can instantly look dramatic the moment I scream out, "Look down and look sad!"

I so need to shop some more. I realize I have nothing to wear and that I look so chaka, God help me. I've been finding a lot of lovely florals and colours along Takeshita St. I can't wait to visit again to buy more clothes and funky stuff! And somehow, Mickey Mouse is all over the place! Like I-don't-need-to-go-to-Disneyland-to-see-Mickey. Soo many stores selling Mickey vintage shirts! What? Is it Mickey Mouse season this pre-Golden Week?

Till next time!

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  1. RED!!! HAHa. YER SO CUTE AND funny! good choice. good choice!

  2. and yes. im on LSS with that song tooo! happiness ... hit her.. like a .. hehe kumanta?

  3. that rose jacket is love!!!!!! i'm so envious! darn it! where's H&M when you need it!!!