Never Been Out in Daylight.

THURSDAY. It had been raining all week long and so going out was simply an impossible task. Thursday, finally the sun comes out, high and bright, and so I am ever more the happy chipper.
We went up to Odaiba during the afternoon. I realize I have never actually been there when the sun is up. If you go back to my previous posts, you'd notice my trips to Odaiba are always at night. I've never really seen the sights when the lights of the Rainbow Bridge are not lit up and it still looks effin' amazing! The weather was beautiful, wind blowing and all and I look like an idiot in the photos because the sun was way too high up and I didn't have shades.

The upcoming Golden Week brings in the biggest sales in the world, though I didn't purchase anything today (I know, hard to believe but yeah). 10million couples still frolicked around that day.... God, I swear, if I get a boyfriend here, I am so bringing him there. Like, it is a requirement that he go with me and we date there. It's absolutely beautiful there and I totally get why it's such a hotspot for the couples. So much so that I feel ashamed to be walking around single. It is so hard to blend in like that.

Sigh. Blah.

After Odaiba, we went back to Tokyo to check out Maruzen, this hugeass bookstore in Tokyo Station (which btw does NOT look like a station, it looks more like a high-end corporate building with intricate architectural designs and just --- seriously? It does not look like a station, shame I left my camera in the car and couldn't take photos).
In the lobby, there was a French cafe and a mini classical concert playing just beyond.
We did it the French way that time (albeit it was indoors); ate panini's and sipped coffee with our tables facing the outside as we watched and listened to the amazing violinist playing classical tunes.

Talk about first class much.

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  1. i love the pictures of the buildings! they have awesome architecture there.