The Ever Living Ghost of What Once Was.

FRIDAY. According to my itinerary, this day was set to be "SHOPPING DAY IN HARAJUKU, TAKESHITA ST." I knew the things that I wanted to get, it was all set. Then my mother calls from the office saying to go instead to high-end Ginza because a new branch of Forever21 just opened. Like, the day before.
And then, boom.
I think you know how this will end.

OKAY. IT WAS SO AMAZING THERE, I THINK I DIED A VERY HAPPY DEATH. I COULDN'T GET OVER IT. IT WAS 10 TIMES BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THE BRANCH IN HARAJUKU, OKAY. The interior designs for each floor (there are 5 floors by the way, one dedicated to all things ACCESSORIES -- OHMYGOD--) were all distinct from one another, catering to a particular theme; the non-stop of indie rock and house music was so awesome, I almost asked a random saleslady for the playlist; the clothes were amazing; there was no long line needed upon entering; everything was so beautiful and sparkly and DID I MENTION THERE WAS AN ENTIRE FLOOR DEDICATED TO ALL THINGS ACCESSORIES?!?!
such heaven.

So this branch is in Ginza, attached to this luxurious department store, Matsuzakaya (meaning the whole 5 floors is just connected this bigger major store). But even so, it didn't seem like it. Forever21 had it's own world -- totally disconnected from what it was attached to. It just seemed so funkily random. I super loved it.

It was the Grand Opening. And oh, how grande it was! I am bereft of all words. I wish you all had been there to see it. You'd probably cry at such splendor and wonder.

Oh, and this is my first time trying out the "denim on denim" fad. Hope I did it right. It didn't feel weird though, so I think it worked! Haaha!

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  1. nice military jacket! love the button details!


  2. omygod.. yer living grand! im envious
    yer so pretty wehn u smile.i wish i could be like that