I Left the World Just So I Could Say Goodbye to You.

We went up the mountain to see Buddha.
On our way there, we had to pass through the tunnel under the sea and stop by this port in the middle of sea. I loved the color of the sea that day and the way the wind blew.

To get to Buddha, cable-riding was required. This terrified me quite so because I am not so fond of heights, nor am I fond of unstable things that can go way high up (elevators, airplanes, cables - the whole lot). However, the view was calming and I found it odd how my heart wasn't pounding so much that I would be on the brink of near hyperventilation, nor my overactive mind at work.
Miracle? Or maybe I'm one step closer to conquering my fears?

The road to Buddha up in the mountains was no easy feat either. Rock paths and 10million steps of stone stairs, it is a miracle that my mother was able to go through all that back and forth.
Meanwhile, I was in my world, thinking I was like Snow White, going through such a deep and dark forest and that I had to be careful with each step I took. Everything was full of life -- you could really see and feel that. It was breathtaking, despite the slight eerie-ness and quiet.

All in all, Buddha was an experience. I looked up at him, took his photo and silently prayed I'd get through everything that comes to me, and that I could finally leave the past behind completely. If I be resilient enough, I think I could achieve what I want.
Get over, say goodbye, leave, never look back.

It's a whole new world up there, like you'll never know.

My silhouette shots suck, I was trying to test it out. I only realized what exactly I wanted to do with it after the sun went down. Grr.

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