It's Chamamo or Nothing.

Dear World. 
Yesterday, I was the most happiest girl in the entire universe because I visited a cat cafe for the first time EVER.
Thanks to Jane Alridge of seaofshoes.com, I found out about such a thing! My God. All my life, I've lived here in this city and this is the first time I'm hearing about this? I've so much to explore, so much yet to discover about this city! Oh, and apparently, they're all over the place! So all of these were the cats from the Chamamo Cat Room, Harajuku and next week I'm off to Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku. Uber excited for that visit!


A heartwarming cafe where you can chill out with cats as you sip your drink. There you can relax with a quiet atmosphere as you mingle with the "cat staff". What else is amazing about such a place is how one can find an amiable, common ground with strangers -- yes, even if there is a language barrier. There are plush, comfy, funky chairs and couches around, but still, it is such an open space that allows no barriers between you and the other guests.
Only 1000 yen for an hour of such heaven (extensions are allowed, of course), it is truly worth it.

I am such a foreigner in this city that sometimes, it can cut me off from everything else -- especially since I'm not so good with the language and I'm naturally a shy and guarded person. But when I was in there, Japanese women were trying to talk to me (albeit in Japanese and yes, I could understand a little of what they were saying), smiling at me and gazed and cooed at me in awe as my favorite Chamamo staff, Ru-Tsu, suddenly laid his paw on my shoulder. It was really such a welcoming experience.


1. Wash your hands and disinfect with alcohol before you enter.

2. You are allowed to take photos, however FLASH is not allowed. Understandably so.

3. NO holding/carrying of cats.

4. NO feeding of the cats. NO offering them of your caffeinated drinks. Again, common sense.

5. NO brash behavior, respect the cats (e.g. if a cat is asleep, don't be a bitch and wake them up, etc).

Simple rules, awesome experience.
If you're in Tokyo for the first time, you have got to experience Tokyo's many cat cafes. They're absolutely beyond amazing. It is now part of one of the many reasons why I am in love with this beautiful, random city.
Can't you tell how I've found new love from the pictures?

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  1. Hi! May I know the directions to Chamamo? Where is near in Harajuku? Thanks! :)

  2. Hey! For directions, go to this site: http://chamamo.wilbo.jp/access/ -- the map is available there. :)