Why Hello There, You.

This was at a housewarming party of my mother's officemate a couple of weeks ago. There, I had the chance to meet the most adorable babies ever!
One of them, Rhionna (girl with orange stuck on her mouth above) was really sweet tugging me around the new house and it was the first time I was ever meeting her! I loved shooting Reiko (girl with the most photos in this post) because she is so at ease with the camera and the camera loves her. Absolute perfection. I hope my photos did justice to her. If not, I can't wait to make up for it and shoot her again! And Sam (girl in red with the funky smile) could be the next photographer in their generation. I didn't get a chance to bond with the boy though because he was in his own world running around and going mad with the doorbell. Lol.

The kids liked my new monkey chain and pondered over it for a while. It was so cute. They went a little berserk towards mid-afternoon, but they were still adorable nonetheless.
Hope I get to see these kids again!

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