FOTOCOM: Tokyo Edition. Ex. 2: Shutter as Controller of Motion; Panning Shot

Ex.2: Panning shots along Ropponggi, Meiji-Jingumae (Harajuku) and Nishi-Kasai Park.

Under Master Htella's tutelage, I think I have been able to come with some decent shots compared to the ones I submitted in class.
The first photo is one of the many mistakes I made while practicing (but this one looked cool anyone, hence I added it). Master gave me the tips but apparently, I was still doing it wrong. It finally just clicked to me randomly and then, BOOM. Hello, panning shots that are acceptable for viewing. Lol.

This technique is addicting to do since there are a whole lot of funky bikers in this city.
Their bikes come in all shapes and sizes, colors and design! Really amazing!
Everybody loves to either walk or bike here. Even I want to bike! And have someone take a panning shot of me in a bike. I had a dream that I was riding an orange bike in a lovely yellow summer dress and I can't get it out of my mind because it's something I really want to do. Lol.

Oh. And the photos of the 2 British girls riding a scooter are obviously wrong but I just had to include because while taking the photo, the clear girl in the photo was screaming out, "Oh, look. Someone's taking our photo! Smile because someone is taking our photo!" in a total British accent. It was funny.

I hope to actually make at least one adequate, concrete photo using this technique sometime soon. May it be here in Tokyo or somewhere else around the world.
Thank you to Master Htella de Silva ('Master' because she is an excellent photographer) for answering my random inquiries. Because of you, my love, I wouldn't have achieved an inkling near this! :D

P.S. I know the song currently playing is kind of gay-ass, but it's the lyrics that are hitting me right now.

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