Come Sailing Away.

Ola, freaks. It's been 6 months. Hello. How's life.

...So why do I look like a giddy idiot beaming as if all my dreams just came true?

Okay, so all my life (at least, ever since I saw "Titanic"), I've always dreamed of going on a luxurious cruise - that pristine first-class boat with all the luxurious bling-bling here and there, on top of the vast, blue ocean sailing smoothly through its shores -- that whole package. Yeah. I've been dreaming of that One-Day moment on a fancy boat for quite awhile now.

OH! And it finally happens on Christmas Day! Like. This Year. 2010. OMG. Yipee! Just here at the Tokyo Bay, one full circle, from 11:50 till 2-ish, eat-all-you-can buffet and whatnot care of the Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise. It ain't Titanic, but it sure as hell is Japanese, which therefore is assurance in itself that the cruise would be anyone's finest dining ever. I mean, hello, it's Japanese. Anyway, with the Symphony Cruise, you can get married there, host a grand party, have lunch, they've got the whole package, whatever your luxurious preferences may be. Anyone who's in Tokyo should try cruising there if they've got the time.

Okay, so the dream right? While my family was living the life, I, on the other hand, was nearly dying from sea sickness and extreme nausea. Because the boat was moving (and I could really feel it moving), I felt like there was this non-stop earthquake and my head was just spinning and I felt like I was drunk without even taking anything yet!!! Oh, and the moment I'd look out the window, and see the huge blue waves (very pretty waves too), I just wanted to PASS OUT AT THE SIGHT!!!! OMG!!! All this completely pissed me off because this was like my dream right? To ride the luxury boat and all? And it was totally not working out the way I expected it too!!!

The food was excellent. Majorly helped with the nausea. Though I had to like sing 'At Last' to myself 10zillion times till I got over the sickness. Oh, one comment on the cruise food though: it would've been nicer if they kept serving heaps and heaps of food. Haha. Like in buffets in 5-star hotels. It was like, if a dish was out, there wouldn't be any replenishments anymore. Oh well.

The ship deck was awesome as well. Although it was like 3 degrees up there, and the wind was ridiculously crazy, awesome nonetheless. Strange though, when up there, my sea sickness seemed to have dissipated into thin air. Then when I'd return inside, in rolled the nausea again. Weird.

Anyway, bajillion photos below. I probably should get a Flickr for my photo storage but that would require major effort on my part, like clicking "Set An Account" and then inputting a bunch of my personal information, etc. Kinda hassle. So yeaah. Next time, whenever. Plus my photos are not as good as everyone else's. Boo-hoo. It's been awhile since I've shot and edited seriously, so excuse my inconsistencies and randomness. Anyway, cruise ship experience, y'all should go try it soon!!! But if anyone is getting married on a boat, uh, count me out. Please, if you don't want a huge yucky mess on your wedding day. Haha.

(yeaaaah. I rock this boat babeeeeyy!)

I am a pirate, Captain of this ship.

I'm working on a photo series on children, which I'll upload when I'm done collecting kids. Haha. No specific reason just because I love children and the kids here are just adorable and photo-worthy.
Tokyo is forever awesome. ♥

yours truly,


  1. hello, you have some great photos here, are you having a nice time?

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