Cebu Diaries.

And that is not me. Haha. But I thought it'd get your attention. 

August 2011. A random dinner conversation leads to a trip to paradise and unforgettable reunion of sorts. At certain points in my daily activities these days, I still think about this 3-day trip in Cebu and how amazingly wondrous and short-lived it was. Surprisingly, Cebu took my breath away at first sight. I think I fell in love with this city in the little time I stayed there. 

With our very Monica Villarica as our personal tourguide, we made it through the city unscathed. Purpose of this trip: to watch a ballet (wherein Monica would star as the Green Fairy) and to unwind in a completely new place. 

A few memorable places people should go-to when in that area: Zubuchon, internationally-acclaimed restaurant that serves roasted pig in the traditional way of Cebuanos -- and what's more, no sauce needed to enjoy the taste! There's also Ayala Center Cebu, and if you love Greenbelt and it's greenery spaciousness and walkways, Ayala Cebu is an enormous step from Manila. To say "pleasant" is an understatement of sorts because I remember being overwhelmed when I first stepped through that place. And yes, I died in Fully Booked. If you want to experience some sun-loving fun, be sure to visit Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and let the waters take your breath away, the sun kiss your skin and the resorts facility to give you the best accommodations you could ever ask for. The photos in this blog contain mostly images taken in that beach resort paradise. 

Other places you should check out are: Taboan Market, because the girls wanted some danggit and other dried fishery (at the cheapest prices) to bring back home; The Walk, a hip and chill place for restaurants, desserts and drinks and tiange shopping; and the SkyAdventure and Edge-Coaster at the Crown Regency (though plans to go on this were cancelled because of the waiting time and we went to a hidden Korean cafe of sorts instead on our last night). Also, try out Book Cafe Maru, a Korean book-cafe along Cuenco St., and Crossroads, a district filled with restaurants, clubs, KTV and bars!

The following are just a few recommends for a first-time Cebu visitor. Our accommodations were cared for by Mon, and I swear, every morning, it felt like I was living an episode of The O.C. Breakfast with a soft breeze infiltrating and rejuvenating your senses, served buffet style and quiet morning conversations with friends. That's how chill it was. 

TEAMFAB: we were bound together by our passions in dance, and individual empowerment; drifted away by real life encounters. It is in these moments when we are finally together again that life because a whole lot more beautiful. This trip was amazing and I can't wait till the next trip together! To the people who missed their flights and who got sick last minute, please...don't.
Let's attack a Southeast Asian country next!  

Enjoy the photos.

Cebu was wonderful. I know I can't wait to return. 

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