On Set of No Other Woman.

Another photo-heavy post. You have been warned.

If you all remember the phenomenon of 'No Other Woman' no more than a month ago, surely you'll have remembered the scene where Anne Curtis, clad in her Preview cover shoot 24/7 getup, phenomenally screaming out with conviction to her girlfriends at a bar about how "the man you were in love with was unfortunately married!"  

Epic-ly dramatic, what is. 

Anyone else noticed how lovely the bar seemed to be with all the purple lights that seemed to coincidentally  match her outfit? Well because the bar scene was epic, one of us somehow managed to find the exact location of the bar scene and hosted a birthday bash for herself: Robot Restaurant & Lounge located along Makati Ave, just right beside Manila Peninsula. 

Overall experience: Surprisingly wonderful. I'm not into clubs like 7th High and such anymore because they're either always so cramped to dance in, full of smoke with terrible beats screeching your ears all night. Robot, on the other hand, is very chill and spacious; with a lot of on-call servers and waiters, magical drinks that don't get you drunk (the Lady Gaga drink is one of a kind!) and amazing music from hot DJs that literally keep you dancing all night long. A refreshing change, I've never enjoyed dancing in a club this much and by God, how I have missed it -- dancing and everything that comes with it; and getting drunk was not even a thought tonight despite the 4 Lady Gaga drinks I had. amazing party.

 That is Nadine Baligod. Imbibing a very Anne Curtis getup from set to ensemble, she met the hour of birthday with a bang. Another night with TEAMFAB, and after missing the Wish Lantern event and basically having a most depressing week, I'd have to say this is one of the better nights in awhile.

Happy birthday to my dearest loves, Nadine Baligod and Totie Martinez. Life with you guys has simply coloured mine. I hope this new year in your lives brings good fortune and happiness to you both and everyone around you. Can't wait till the next get-together! 
Enjoy the photos.

our very own Anne Curtis

yours truly,
on the couch -- LIKE A BOSS!

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