MV + Contemplations: Open Up.


I awake to a morning of gloomy, beautiful rain, peacefully sleeping roommates and a new music video to showcase to my daily visitors. If you all remember my Fun Ranch post full of On-Thin-Ice BTS photos, well finally, I present to you the final output with its overall story and message.

Sakit noh? Hehe.

Its funny, how this simple 2minute music video could perfectly depict my emotions and what has been going through my head for the past week. Don't mind me if I let myself attach to it for a wee bit and let myself do a little spill which I've been holding back and feigning wonderfully so for a full week now. 

No matter how hard we fight it, and no matter how hard we distract ourselves on a 24/7 basis, the little tidbits of reality have an exceptional way of still finding their way into our minds. Moments before we sleep, in our dreams, random strikes, such and such. We spend most of our energy trying to quell these forbidden and painful thoughts, emotions that we fight to keep dead, truths we'd like to stay hidden. Time and time again, over the course of the week, over bouts of laughter and distracted fun, I have been reminded that it was all a lovely front. A 'fake it till you make it' motto I am exceptionally doing so well. But no, I am not okay, and yes, I have not forgotten. And yes, I still dream of taking back that one day. And yes, I still worry. Though now, showing it would be rather pointless. 

Up until last night, it was only when I realized that its not just me fighting this internal battle, and facing this struggle. And it's all wonderful how we all pretend so well just to get us through the day. We engage in as many superfluous conversations, and laugh way too much, just to show everybody that nothing could break through our walls, and that no matter what the pain within, the smile can still shine; the laughter could still ring out. But we never know what goes on in anyone's mind really. They could say one thing, but could think the other and we never really know the private most recesses of anyone's mind. 

For me, I'm just happy that the other half has found his soul along the way, that things have worked out exceptionally for him and will continue working out to be so. Good job, you. :) I worry less and focus more on my own struggles and myself.  

Apologies for the somewhat emotional post, but this is filed under the 'Contemplations' section. Plus, the music video was powerful enough in its simple message to get me to start this spill.

If you see the bubbles, yes, that was us. And if you're going through something relateable, or anything at all really, please turn to your friends, your video games, your music, your arts, your family, your talents and whatever else you have to rise above it. Take it day by day, and never forget to smile. This is something you can conquer, and something you can deny publicly. It is going to be okay. Learn how to love yourself along the way and maybe things will be okay. Eventually, things will be. The fight never ends, and the daily struggles and regrets will never stop coming no matter how much we defend ourselves from them -- and well that's the reality we have to accept and live by. Good luck to you, and always remember that happiness is a choice. If an oppurtunity arrives, take it and let it in. Do not regress yourself further back into the box you have created for yourself. 

And yeah, never stop smiling. Open up to happiness.
I hope the video inspired you and that you all enjoyed it. Spread the word if you're a fan, and yes, I am extremely proud of my extremely talented, inspiring friend, Kit de Silva! Thank you once again for letting me be a part of this production! I love helping you out forever!


Performed by TOI (Pauline Diaz, Pat Tirano and Mei Tayengco)

Director: Kit de Silva
Cinematographers: JT Pandy and Kit de Silva
Cast: James Reid and Verniece Enciso
Editor: Kit de Silva
Production Assistants: Megann Jabola, Diane Villanueva, Maita Piedra and Marika Callangan

Disclaimer: This video is unofficial, thus we do not claim to own the music and will not be used commercially. This is for the sole purpose of promoting our film, On Thin Ice.

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