MV: Finding Atlantis.


Mad Hatter Day - Finding Atlantis from Quinatrow Productions on Vimeo.

"It's impossible to find something that doesn't exist in the first place."

In life, there are many instances when you have template proclamations that you want to express to the world. Things like, "I'm friends with a celebrity and I have a photo with her, ble!" or "I'm going to get married!" or "Friends, I'm in Vegas!" and "I just won the lottery!" Things like that. Today is a day I finally get to say one template proclamation that's been yearning to be let out of my book. 

This week brings forth several music videos releases done by young and talented people, friends of mine all packed up with their amazing and raw talent. Acting, singing, directing, even prod. managing, galing. And here it goes, here it goes -- YES, MY FRIEND HAS A BAND AND SHE IS AMAZING IN IT!!! --

One of my dreams in life involve actually seeing Mad Hatter Day aka. the lead singer, Mewa Cawad live (and yes, people. She has an official fans club, isn't that just funky?) Of course, with that along with all my other friends in bands such Vinnie and the Hello Kitties, and Monica Bautista, such and such. Never been the gig-girl though I love music, one of these days, I'd like to take the time to just watch my friends take a whole new role on the stage. I'm so proud of my friends for making such a fine music video, ready for actual airing! And for my favorite song too! Hope you were spellbound, inspired and dumbfounded by the lyrics of the song, the energy seen in the music video, the overlying message and the talent found all over this music video. 

Keep spreading the love! Hope you enjoyed this music video as much as I did! 

"...the waves run riot as we seek Atlantis."

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