Rants: Worst Travelling Experience Ever.

"Hindi ko alam. Magtanong ka sa taong mukhang legit at tumakbo ka." -- Banzon, 2011.

Words of wisdom from my beloved thesismate.

Today was quite a bit of a disastrous adventure. What starts off as a pretty productive morning (paying bills, writing letters, getting over the mayhem of 'light packing', moving out furniture, etc) results in a pretty disastrous afternoon at the airport. For some inexplicable reason, I had mistakenly (and stupidly) read my itinerary wrong and thought my flight to Davao to be at 5pm in the afternoon. In my head, plans had already been made: lunch with Gayle at whenever, leave Taft at 3pm. Chill stuff, basically. 

Thank God something propelled me to recheck my itinerary and lo and behold, the greatest shock of my life: my flight suddenly set at 3:30pm today. And that's cool, okay. Perfect timing anyway. Managed to get my shit together. So I was well pressed on my way, it was 1pm and the traffic was heavy set just outside the airport which was fine. I'm at Terminal 3. Suddenly, after going through lines, Caucasian people cutting through said lines and dragging around my luggage, I'm told how Philippine Airlines was in Terminal 2 and that I was in the wrong terminal. Second greatest shock of my life. Clock was ticking. Flight's still set at 3:30, and it was 1:30 when I was given the bad news. I run out, grab the first cab I see and meet extremely heavy traffic. By now, all concept of 'chilling out' has completely flown out along with the airplanes, and I am contemplating the level of my stupidity (give it a lvl 76, yeah?).

Midway in traffic, I check my metre. Third greatest shock of my life: My bill was almost at 400. And I am pondering this discrepancy because traffic or no, I was not on my way to Alabang or Tagaytay. It was friggin Terminal 3 to Terminal 2. And even if I was, it never shot up this high. By now, I am having an internal meltdown with nothing but my thesismate to text during my meltdown point. I am pondering the mystery of how to pay my cab fare, whilst not panicking about the time and such and such. I gave part of my salary.

Despite all this, God still loves me because they haven't closed the gates yet and I was the last one in before they did. Bad news was, my seat was literally all the way in the back of the plane -- which is not good because that's where you really feel everything -- engines, back-of-the-plane stuff, paranoia (like if the plane cuts in half mid-air, the tail usually has no chance of surviving), etc -- but hey, we have to make do.

Our flight was delayed for 2hours. 1 hour was spent waiting out, the other spent inside the plane, being flayed alive (because they turned off the aircon whilst fixing whatever luggage problem it was they were dealing with). A mother had two kids behind me, and while the kids were good, the mom was constantly screaming in my ear just so she could talk to her kids. It was a nightmare. And my paranoia shooting up to overwork mode. Because yes, if the plane met an accident and did split into half, I would definitely not survive. The last stupid thing I ever did today was ask the stewardess for coffee, thinking that I needed it, loved it or whatever idiotic notion that was going through my head in that moment (but yes, I hate coffee and most of the time I dont need it). Anyway, the coffee was terrible and stale and whatthefuckwasIdoingdrinkit.

At long last, I finally arrive in Davao and the last annoying thing ever was the one-hour wait for the luggage. By now, I am numb as fuck and barely care anymore.

But now, I am able to breathe and extremely happy to be here in Davao City. Throughout all this mayhem, what has kept afloat and insane is George R.R. Martin's, Clash of Kings, conversations about Aizen, main antagonist of Bleach with ze thesismate, and my iTouch tunes.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say just how amazingly brilliant this book is. If I didnt have other necessities, I wouldn't put it down because it is that good. And oh, how I wish to talk to someone about it! I can't because Season 2 is out April and I don't want to spoil. It is that good. To say how excited I am for April is the biggest understatement ever. Whatever praise I give it now won't do it any justice because it is... that good. Haha! resistingtheurgetospoil.

At home, I am greeted with the most surprising treats! Lights, a Christmas tree and even a beautifully-lit manger(?!) -- basic wondrous things I love but don't have in Taft. Oh and my beloved dog.

It feels good to be home. I swear I can't contain my happiness being here. My smile is just unending. Probably why my sleep is restless.

Oh last thing! I'd like everyone to meet my travel partner slash eternal cuddle-buddy, a Christmas gift from a close friend who thought of giving me a cuddle-buddy of sorts. Without him, surely I would've gone mad with everything that happened today.

Simba, the White Siberian Tiger

Another Christmas treat: Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskin Notebook. ohmygod. I am so excited to doodle and sketch again with this! Yes, I am quite the chipper girl this Christmas. What started off as bad somehow managed to result in good funk. I love it. I am happy.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and an ostentatious, happy New Year from waaaaaaay down south. Always remember, no matter the struggle, good things are just around, waiting to be discovered. Never take anything for granted!

Henceforth, a dose of my comedic life. 

yours truly, 


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