Last of the Sakura.

It seems that every time I restart blogging, I'm always at the state of coming out of a traumatic ordeal of sorts. A tremendous, mindboggling heartbreak, the prospect of not graduating... I return to Tokyo with heavy hearts and the last of the sakura about to take its fall. 

Still, the very air of this beautiful city slowly brings life within me (aside from the chills). :)) And for that I'm grateful. I like it here, it's calming, it's clean, it's interesting and it just never gets old. I'd like to find a cafe and read, or just browse through bookstores or walk around parks (God, at 22, I have become so introspective and quieter). :)) After a weeklong of intervention talks from my friends, my family, my bosses, and professors, I'd like to say that I think I've had enough crying, enough self-pitying and that whole package -- haha. Gaaah, see? Life, slowly returning. :)) I'll get there.

Though, some changes have occurred in this most beautiful city that I'd like to note down:

1. The implementation of the ACTA Law is driving me nuts -- no downloading, no streaming, no Torrents, no anything. Internet here is centralized and whatever authority out there can detect any person's usage of the illegal sites. I hate this. I realized several things today, that I can no longer download my favorite series (Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, etc), nor any fonts, nor brushes, nor watch the last of Bleach -- which by the way, has also reached its end. 

2. My skin is really thin. I am freezing while everyone else is not. 

3. This city will always be the place that will bring us both together no matter how far apart we've grown. :)) 

4. They say "no alcohol" in the advertisement, but one dose can almost knock your socks out. So what in the world? :)) 

I haven't made an itinerary yet, but I'm taking it slowly, breathing in the city, the spring and everything. Here, I am at peace. True, I still have a lot of burdens in my heart and a lot of thoughts racing, I suppose... but it gets lighter. It's only been 4 months into the year 2012 and I feel like I've lost so much (inclusive of my own self). It kinda feels good to write and post a bajillion photos for all to see.. 

In time, I suppose I hope to gain all that I've lost and hopefully find my way out of this greying bubble of confusion. I've got plans forming in my head, things I'd like to do, stuff I'd like to work on -- career, self-wise. Trying to veer away from the love department for now. Gah, my forever weakness and whathaveyou.

Seeing you again though... puts a huge damper in my heart and not in a good way. :)) But, oh well. Fate. Weird. Won't mind it, I guess. 

Anyway, this all occurred after Church, in Yotsuya.. we found the last remains of the sakura in a park here and photographed away. 

Enjoy the photos. 

Oh, The City Lights by Umbrellas is my ultimate Tokyo song this spring season. 

I should probably get down to writing that itinerary. :))

Oh. After the park thing, we stumbled upon an antique bazaar in the outside part of the Tokyo Forum. Really, really amazing, vintage, original, amazing finds... I can't post all the photos here though I wish I could -- I was also shy to snap away at every little detail I found interesting. And I found millions. Gaaah. I wanted the purchase the Batman lamp though. Damn. 

Well, these kinds of unique things you find only in Tokyo. 

I love this city. 

yours truly

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