Music+Cafe+Books+Eats+Bar in 'Brooklyn'.

Dear world, 

Today I discovered one of the most hip, most chill, most inspiring places in this huge city. 

I was simply trying to find a new environment to work on with my layouts and lo and behold! Heaven. In the name of Brooklyn Parlor, a place more than just a simple dining/cafe lounge that gives you that authentic 'Brooklyn' feel with the varnished wooden floors and the entire interior in general; hidden underneath the depths (or rather, the Marui Annex Building) of Shinjuku, Tokyo.   

It's amazing! It's spacious, but intimate; a bustle but chill. I managed a corner table in the non-smoking area, near the DJ-booth. Ohmygoodness! The fashion books, and the art books and the photography books! Before I knew it, I was flipping through Prada, some french novels, a french photographer's portfolio, a Japanese photographer's photo book, Apartamento, interior design books... of course, the majority of the shelves filled with Japanese books but still. I've never thought I'd land in place dedicated to all things books, art, music and dining. These books can be browsed through, and bought at regular Japanese prices.

Got myself some Mushroom + Mozerella burger (with extra mozerella) and this painstaking Cafe Mocha that was like half a liter in size. I remember the waiter placing the damn liter-ish glass on my table, looking at its hugeness intently and silently wondering why the hell Ja wasn't with me right then and there. She's the coffee-lover, I just... had to. Still, I sucked it up. Now it's like 1 AM and my stomach is grumbling and I hate it. :)) Seriously? Half a liter of legit caffeine? I don't even -- Gahh, first world problems and whathaveyous.

Though, if you must know, they do serve caffeine hot and iced, depending on your preference, wines, beer, juices, shakes, floats, regular drinks... Why I did not simply pick a juice, I will never know. :))

Okay, the music...

I guess that's what really got me hooked to this place. Focused on the books and my own layouts, I wasn't really minding the music at first. And then, someone decided to plug in some old school hiphop and I just stopped for a bit there. 

I'm not into hiphop nor rap but the Best of De La Soul sure changed my mind. They're not the annoying kind of hiphop or rap that I'm so used to hearing and I desperately want a copy of their record. 
Right, and then this Caucasian dude walks in, heads to the DJ booth, lays down all his vinyls and CDs and whathaveyous and starts plugging in his headphones. Me, along with a couple of Japanese solo-flyers sit around and await what this Caucasian man has up his sleeve coz he seemed so intense, okay. It takes awhile, I go back to layouting and suddenly, the lights dim ever so slightly and BOOM, the saxophone, the piano... ohmygod, he was creating some amazing sexy jazz mixes that just...arggh, my golly, golly gosh. I wish I could've recorded it, or obtained some sort of evidence (because the music was just that good!) but well, I guess that's what keeps people coming. I know I certainly stayed for the jazz.

[Edit: Just found the DJ's name to be 'Alex from Tokyo'. Do check out his blogsite for more details] 

Apparently, Brooklyn Parlor has some sort of partnership with Blue Note Tokyo, the source of all things jazz music and jazz live shows. I was reading the latest paper on them, and by God, do I want to snag a spot in one jazz live show one of these days.

Okay, as you can see, my current reading material is The Kite Runner.

The copy is not mine and has been long overdo. I lug it everywhere I go with the hopes that I will end up reading it wherever I stop. However, that is not the case. The book is extremely good and moving... so much so, that I cannot read it straight. Every page is like a nail scratching my intestines within and every chapter end always manages to gut me completely. It is that painful to read.

Still, it's a recommend to any avid reader. Much luck though. :)) 

Thought I had to put this in. 

Tonight was a good night. I like being productive and exploring things at the same time. I thought I finally had some me time with the unexpected lovely add-ons. I feel happy. I feel light and at ease. I like this feeling. I love the jazz and the saxophone, most especially. 

If you're ever in town, be sure to check this exquisite place if you can! 

yours truly,

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