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WARNING: Extreme vanity photos upcoming. Leave if you can't handle narcissism. :))

Okay, so the other day, my brother and I decided to go around Shibuya to just check out the hood. Just so happened that I found this little cafe/bar that I've been eyeing for days now. 

Welcome to Frames. It's a cozy, quiet and eccentric looking cafe-bar, 2nd floor on the Kokusai Bldg. in Shibuya. A bit hidden away if you ask me. Like you wouldn't notice it unless you looked it up online.  They serve the typical -- desserts and sweets, mirienda foods like pizza and pasta, some drinks and of course the winery and alcohol, if you ever so please. 

My rating: 3. It's so-so, in terms of food and service. I noticed how it took quite forever for a small margherita pizza to arrive. And the taste was so-so, nothing special, I suppose. Perhaps the other items on the menu are more tasteful, but I wasn't able to stick around to find out anymore. Still, the ambiance is wonderful, the music is chill, and of course, like all restaurants, a designated smoking area is available within.

Anyway so I had this spur-of-the-moment idea while waiting for the food. Frames right? And I thought, why not make a series of facial expressions (of myself coz there was no other subject) and thereby, create frames of different facial images. :)) 

In short, what happens when you're seated right smack in front of an enormous mirror with a pretty ambiance and a huge camera beside you. My vanity has never reached its limits yet, apparently.

A pretty, chill day this was and I'll be sure to explore more.

Enjoy the photos. (if you can). :))


And here we go:

On with the Frames.

Yeah, so that's about it.

Now cometh the photos from my Shibuya day.

I'm no great photographer, and my zoom lens is beginning to fail on me, but as much as I can, I really want to capture those sights that I find interesting -- anything, quirky or colourful or just plain out there. Tokyo is a flurry of all these things that both my brain and my camera can't process them -- it is that overwhelming.

I wish I could try everything out, and scrutinize everything that passes me by. Things like that. I wish a lot of things.

Lately, I've been thinking really hard about what I really want to do, how lost I really am and how I desperately want to overcome these real-world problems.

If someone asks me what's my plan or what do I want to be when I grow up, I usually have no response. But in my head, I go, "I want to be an Empire Maker."

And I genuinely intend to make that happen. I don't know how, and I don't know when but I want to make it happen. I've been thinking about the things I'll end up losing, and the new things that will come and really, it's just so hard to let go of things that are of the now. But how will my dreams come true without the sacrifices or the growing up?

I'm still coming to terms with things. Again, I have so many plans and so many wishes and there's this new desire and fire within me that just wants to surge forward and bolt through all these hardships.

It's still hard on me, the idea of not graduating, not having things as planned, of situations surprising me and spinning out of my control -- especially when I see 10million posts on Facebook about people and friends graduating and making it through at last. I hate that feeling of being left behind, of failure. It's not just my parents, most importantly, it's me. I hate it. I hate it so much. 

I guess that's one big thing that's igniting the fires within me. Well, at least. New goals, new plans. Strength and courage and will and luck.

This is as heartfelt and exposed as I could let myself be on a blog. Just enjoy the photos. :))

And that's Shibuya for you. :)

yours truly,

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