The Ghibli Museum Experience.

So what am I doing trying to open an extremely locked door? 

Nothing, really. Just being an idiot while having fun. :)) 

Welcome to The Ghibli Museum! Right, so I only hear about this recently even if I've practically lived in Tokyo my whole life (see what I mean about being unable to explore everything in that city?). I only hear about this through my dear friend, Gayle Peneranda, who is also a recent visitor to the wonders of Japan. Well, how about that.

Anyway, I couldn't miss the opportunity to go! See, I really love Hayao Miyazuki films. Totoro, for one, is just my ultimate childhood film. I think I've rewatched it over a gazillion times when I was kid (along with the Disney Classics) until I grew up and realized, HEY, THERE ARE OTHER FILMS OUT THERE. Well, how about that. 

Only recently have I also been able to watch other Hayao Miyazuki films, like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Kiki's Delivery Service. His common underlying theme: the clear distinction and the coming together of both old traditional and provincial ways and the modern, technological age. And I get it. Especially, in an urban, booming city like Tokyo, it's certainly easy to forget things like nature and tradition, ancestors and other legendary beings that make the foundations of that particular culture. But I've observed that no, despite everything those foundations are still rooted deeply into the Japanese culture -- seen in how they have shrines everywhere, hidden and seen; how they've got greenery all over and how they have great care for trees and other plantations -- they understand that all these things are reasons as to why their lives are convenient and its beautiful how they give thanks to it. 

Unfortunately, this post does not have any photos from the inside of the museum because they don't allow it, within is absolutely, breathtakingly incredible. It wasn't a regular museum at all! There were these spiral stairs that went past floors and just led to the top floor, play pens in the form of Cat Buses (from Totoro) just for kids; bridges, mazes and doorways that had different shapes and sizes; cool features dedicated to showing different (and old-school ways) of classic films. It was like Alice in Wonderland, Hayao Miyazuki style. I have never felt more of a kid than ever in this place, running around, trying to find the next place to go to, seeing Hayao Miyazuki's storyboards, illustrations and lifestyle -- a brilliant genius he was; and seeing their extremely unique display of Hayao Miyazuki's favorite characters through the stroboscopic flash technique -- magic, really! 

And no, I couldn't even sneak in a photo through my iPhone because there were guards everywhere!

That place is magical, I tell you. They really did a wonderful job just offering this tribute to Hayao Miyazuki. If ever you're in Tokyo, do visit The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka -- which is like another provincial-like district (even further than my old grade school, see post). But I swear, the ride and the ticket's beyond worth-it -- and also inclusive of a free Hayao Miyazuki film showing! 

Enjoy the photos. Even if it's just the outer portions of the museum, it's still breathtakingly beautiful. 

Greenhouse-like stairway to the roof
What's on the roof
The view from above

Greeting you a lovely goodbye and thank you. :)
The park just beyond

So, I've never been to Mitaka either -- and I cannot stress how far away that place is. My place is practically 10 minutes away from Disneyland.. and so this place.. is like the other side of the map already. 

Here's a little snippet of what I saw so far; a simple quiet district with a burstful of establishments. Kind of like most districts except less urban-like. 

Mitaka Station
Oh well, I had fun. 
And that's that. Till the next post, goodbye! 

yours truly,

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