Ronobe's 'Something to Die For' shoot.

Styling: Marika Callangan and Lucky Calip
Photography: Marika Callangan
Graphics and Design: Marika Callangan

I never usually open with a summery-sultry-like photo, but let's make an exception today.

Let me introduce to you all, LUXE from band Ronobe. They're an upcoming band with a new-edge vibe, artronica, a fusion of arts and electronica, with LUXE on lead vocals. The band's name Ronobe actually pays homage to the Ronobe, a fallen angel who teaches rhetorics and arts and known to be one of the wisest and most comical demons ever known. Their music's one for the bold and the daring -- provocative, edgy, electrifying to the brink of exhilaration. 

Try it out -- if you dare. 

Ronobe's debut album, "Something to Die For" has just been launched so please, click check out the band's online album here.

And what the hell am I doing looking like an idiot bathed in the pool?

So one day, LUXE decides to call me up and ask me to help out with her band's album art; service inclusive of shooting, styling and editing. :)) Obviously, I shy away because I'm no photographer, really. This whole blog thing is all just good fun. But there was no other helping hand on a last minute basis and so... :)) 

To make the first image happen, I had to shed all my frontal clothing and shoot in the pool. And if anyone walked in on us, I had to pretend we were out swimming. It was so hilariously awkward. These aren't the best photos - location was offhand, and we were stressing over mere lipstick, but I gotta say, this by far was one of the best and funnest shoots I've ever done. So excited for more to come! Well, since I styled this, guess it's safe to put some under my "Styling Portfolio"? 

I was caught in a daze while being given instructions regarding the overall output and the only words that splurged out vividly to me at the time were, "provocative, ominous and apocalyptic." 

Just imagine my mind on a panic frenzy trying to come to terms with these words. :))

Enjoy the photos.

A couple of outtakes between a duo-crew photoshoot. :))



Is this apocalyptic enough? 

Don't forget to visit Ronobe's official page here.  

yours truly,

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