Ad + BTS: Petra Mahalimuyak for Samsung Smart Camera.

Hello, hello! Huwachu do der, everybody! 

Right, so last year, in my greatest moments of upheaval, my friends introduced me to Petra Mahalimuyak, online comedienne sensation that just shot up the rooftop in such short notice. I'd remember spending a previous night's bucket load of tears being completely forgotten as my friends and I use the entire day just to watch and laugh at her hilarious (but extremely sensible) videos. So I guess it would be safe to say that yeah, she's truly an inspiration, if not a whole of fun to just watch. And I am truly a fan. 

Anyway, working as an assistant for Aira Franco, you kind of just throw yourself in a whirlwind and not be mindful and expectant of so many things -- coz eventually, they come to you. Though I did not for the life of me expect that we'd be helping out for a Petra Mahalimuyak for Samsung Smart Camera shoot. 

You know when some dreams come true? This is probably one of those. :)) 

I love how I get to just sit around quietly, wait for orders, stress over piecing a Lady Gaga dress together, take a bajillion photos and be starstruck by her presence, who is so wonderfully wittyingly funny! 

(gawd, this is such a fangirl post!) 

Anyway, here is the final outcome of the Samsung shoot we did for Petra. Enjoy!

Orange gown is by Glitterati. Special thanks to JL Ladrido

Blue strapless gown is by Rajo Laurel 

Special thanks to Samsung & Sindikato productions


Like it? Love it? 

They had this "crazy" third layout which was initially supposed to be a Black Swan look, but was changed last minute to Lady Gaga. 

Yep. It would be safe to say that we all went insanely gaga just trying to figure out how to make it happen in 2 days time. 

Here is the peg:

I mean, right? Take note, this apparently was the easiest costume to do in such short notice. I vaguely remember screaming internal profanities after just one glimpse at this.

Luckily, my boss, Ms. Aira -- genius that she is -- totally thought of just cutting off a bunch of white cardboard and making them into shapes like that (like origami on cardboard instead of soft Japanese origami paper, for lack of better term) and just slap them on the dress somehow. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think she mentioned spending a full 8 hours just drilling onto these. 

I spend 6 the next day just trying to glue it all together and make it look legit on the dress. :)) Anyway, the point is, we got the look. 

And here it is: 

It's not so clear in this photo, but you get the gist. Basically, that's it, just with smaller cube-diamond shapes. 

Overall, it was one of the fastest and most fun shoots (well, because Petra was there to light everybody up), and the seemingly the nicest crew on set. They were all nice and chatty and interested and that's a bit welcoming because strangers aren't usually so warm in this country. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, I really appreciated all that. 

Spread the love on the Samsung viral ad!

Enjoy the photos.

Okay. Let me share another story:

The truth is, I'd already seen Petra (or rather, Ashley Rivera) in person 2 months prior to this. My first time in Republiq ever and she was at the table in front of us, and I'm just like starring because the woman before me seemed so familiar. And then, it all just clicked. ;)) So after some time, I gathered the courage to go up to her and announce how much of a fan I was. Yup. Amidst the blaring house music, her friends and my friends, and just that whole set when you're in a club. 

That could probably be considered as one of the most ridiculous moments of my entire life. 

But hey, no regrets. 


The Lady GAGA Segment: 


This photo is so hilarious for the obvious reasons
Ashley in her "Line Memorizing" mode :))


the writer 

Petra with the ultimate fan-girl. 

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