The Day I Refused to Come Out...

...of my mother's womb.

Well see, the story goes something like this:

Once upon a time, a mother attempted to give birth on June 4, 1990, but the child within the womb refused to come out although she was already due. 48 hours of ridiculous and painstaking labor, out she finally goes.

So here's my little tribute to my Almost-Birthday -- a series of old childhood photographs I'd like to put out there for all to see. I noticed over the years of Facebook, a bunch of my friends have gone through their nostalgic experience-rides and have collectively (without intending to) express their nostalgic state in the form of their old child photos. 

Gone are the days when we can vivaciously just run around living out our imagination. I totally get it now. Hence, the all child-photo tribute.

My birthday's in 2 days and while I've made no plans this year for myself (simply because I've no idea what to do), I'm still kind of looking forward to it. 

And while I've also spent most of my early years lamenting on how my birthday is the Devil's Day (6/6/6), a part of me kinda just knows the 6th was my day, and I made it to be so. Yup, me. I mean, I skipped out on rules and regulations and protocol even before I was born so.. that's gotta be something. :)) Poor Mommy. 

Enjoy the photos. Most were taken on my previous birthdays. :))

And last. We've got my Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston hair-flying attempts at age 6. :)) 

Goodnight, world!

yours truly,

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