Inspiration: Jilted Brides Found in Asylums.

Video credit: VEVO

So, I was watching this music video and all these random thoughts just juttered and clogged in my head. I love how this video just depicts the fantasy theme giving off so many symbolisms in anyone's daily struggles and feelings -- perhaps, one of the main reasons as to why we turn to it in times of turmoil. And if I could just list down all the symbolisms of daily life found in this video, I would, but I'd bore all of you.

I rate this as probably one of the best songs and music videos done by Katy Perry. I cannot get enough.

After watching this, aside from the interpretations I thought of, thoughts of Excalibur and jilted brides seeped in. I don't even -- but I think it was that asylum scene that got me thinking. And then I found this...

Video credit: TheHungerTV

...and then I thought, what if jilted brides went berserk and ended up straight in mental asylums (because of the traumatic event)? And what if, in that dark dreary asylum, they find a ray of hope somehow?

I don't know... I just like veils and color this season. Haha!

Hope I can find a way to make this happen. 

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