Sparks Fly. Aeon Begins.

Due my extremely hectic schedule recently, I was not able to post this when I should have.

If you're a lover of electronic music and even, just exploring new genres of music in general, I suggest Ronobe, a duo-band composed of Luxe Calip and Justin Craig, who started it out with a debut album, Something to Die For, which immediately won a number of fans abroad due to its dark and haunting vibe.

After a short breakup, this duo was suddenly reunited -- and with a BANG to all fans both local and international. They've recently signed with an indie label that caters to interesting music such as Ronobe, and now they're out with this completely new vibe, a far cry from the first.

It makes sense though. Whilst all forms of breakups are painful and earth-shattering, likewise, any form of reunion is beautiful and powerful thing -- enough to give anyone sparks, life and just plain hope. This is simple message is what Ronobe has translated quite well into this latest album which I am loving. Although I have not had that sweet and beautiful reunion yet, this new vibe just makes heart giddy-up with glee and urges me to just twirl at random, appreciate the morning sun and just radiate with hope.

If you like these kinds of feelings, then I'm sure you'll surely love this latest from Ronobe (tracks can be listened to at the end of this post).

In a more personally related tone, I think I kinda love how I'm this band's current photographer/editor for their album arts. So, Something to Die For was shot and edited by me and so was this (though final edits of album art credits to Justin Craig). 

Honestly, I'm just happy to contribute to such a promising band. I cannot wait till the next release of their songs! Probably another reason why I like this band is because they're not afraid of change and exploration. Little intervals in my head just wonder what new surprises await all fans in terms of their vibe.

Anyway, below are some of the photos I shot and edited. Call it your dose of Ronobe in non-song form right here! 


Sparks/Aeon Credits:

Photographer: Marika Callangan
Post-processing: Marika Callangan
Final album art: Justin Craig
Styling + Concept: Luxe Calip
Accessories + wigs + props c/o Marika Callangan

So while there's already a final album art done and up, I was bored the other week and decided to make my own and thought to show it to the world.

Call it Ronobe fanart, but hey! All photos are mine so.. this just seemed right. Either or, if you click on any of the mock-album arts below, they still link you to the official page of Ronobe. 

Listen to the latest of Ronobe right here! :)

banner art by Justin Craig

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