RAGE-ing Resorts.

(Top: Forever21; Skirt: RageRepublic; Bag + Shoes: Forever21; Shades: Shibuya markets)

I look like I'm doing a ridiculous ad for a condominium. :)) 

In other news, weeks ago, I orchestrated and styled a shoot for a dear friend (and seemingly, the future supplier of my clothes) entitled New York! Rage

It's been almost 3 weeks, and the success has been a whirlwind for everyone. So do keep visiting RAGEREPUBLIC to glimpse on the latest collection! And yup, I'm the first one to debut one of the items from said collection. Yipee-yiee-da-doo. 

These photos are just me and my photog friend being idiots and wishing we were well away on a real resort by a lovely beach somewhere. Till then, these will have to suffice. 

And isn't the iPhone 4 just divine? These photos look like they came right out of a D-SLR! Just ravin'. Special thanks to Kit de Silva for always being ridiculous with me. ;)


yours truly,

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