Jilted Bride: The Photoshoot.

Hello, everyone!

So if you'll remember my post weeks ago about a new inspiration of mine regarding jilted brides, well here's a photoshoot I styled and conceptualized for a friend that hopefully depicts somewhat of a jilted bride extremely glammed up for a wedding that will never be. 

Et voila! Meet the Jilted Bride. :) 

The story is simple and goes something like this: A bride awaits, a bride awaits; a bride cries but still waits. She cries, she waits, and waits until her life dwindles in grey. Beyond heartbroken, she slowly passes on quietly. 

All this, while in rockin' in outrageous shoes and designer garments.

At some point, Ramin Kaminloo (Phantom)'s "Til I Hear You Sing" from the sequel of Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies is the themesong to this entire post. 

Thank you to everyone for this! Enjoy!


Post-processing: Alejandro Rivera and Marika Callangan
Stylist: Marika Callangan
Model: Mish Andrews
Designer Garments: Melville Sy and Rica Rico

yours truly,

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