Moving Out and Moving On.

Photos by Monica Villarica

So, I wanted to start off this post with a super fun photo because SUMMER IS HERE! Okay. Fine. Maybe in this country, summer has always been here. But hey, ever since 2013 began, we've had a decent range of cold spells and I almost felt as if it was fall on a January. 

Weird, I know. But true.

Anyway, a couple of days ago the heat was suddenly on a roll! And so with that, Manila got back to being on the precipice of scorching, painful-on-the-skin heat. In short, summer. So hurrah! Time to get those beach bods on because we are hitting the beach come April and May! (Nevermind that it rained today. With this new heat wave coming on, any form of dew will be a huge welcome to us all).  

POLO: INDIE-GO Top: H&M Shorts: Japanese brand Shoes: Gold Dot PH Accessories: Anthropology & Forever 21

I hate construction. I hate the entire process of it; the long, arduous years of building, the noise it creates for the entire block, the possible danger it poses on civilians -- all in all, the source of so much hassle and ruckus. These days, there's been nothing but construction everywhere. 

Imagine my hell for several months when they finally decided to put a move to it with the building right beside mine. So... metallic, irritating and endless noise. To top that, the view of my balcony has inexorably diminished and the sun barely registers in my place like it used to. That pushed me to quickly move out and find a better place to stay - one with more sunlight and quiet. 

Still, as I near the end of my stay in this apartment of mine, I can't help but reminisce on all of the things that have transpired in this unit. For almost 2 years, people literally came and went in this place -- and symbolically, my life. I can't help but hold onto the figment images of these people, and the memories this place bears in my mind and heart. 

At the same time, as I hold on, I also don't mind letting go completely and starting completely afresh in a place that is not scarred and trampled on. I like the prospect of new things and these figment images gradually disappear as I look on ahead to all the brightness and life the world has to offer. 

I think this is what they so deftly call, moving on. 

Huh. It is a sad, but absolutely liberating feeling. Beautiful in its tranquility and tragedy and... ironic, lightness

Ironic, how I decided to shoot on the grounds of a construction site -- a place I much abhor to be even a meter away from. Oh well, you can't always be around things you like and love. So you might as well tolerate the things you hate. And as a dear friend continuously tells me, "Live and let live."

And speaking of things I hate even further: As of late, I've been hearing of all these ridiculous stories that I apparently have said to this and that person, causing this and that thing to spread around and exaggerated further. wtf? 

Just one comment (and like how the gays here go): What are you talking about it? HAHAHA!

Personally, I don't even know how these stories even come to take life form. As I live my own life happily away from a certain amount of once familiar people, I apparently still am at the end of subtle online attacks, constant backstabbing and rumours brought about by personal issues I've desperately wanted to put behind me and that most people honestly don't even truly know the depths of to begin with (although they have the audacity to think so). All of which I hear of personally from people who come forward to me, which I see online as Twit-aters having another knack at it -- on a constant basis. Another case of he said, she said, they said among a large group of "friends", most of which wanting to be the next local Gossip Girl. I'd find that idea plausible, even engaging in college, but honestly, after graduation, the real world really kicks in and you start thinking about bigger, heavier things like work, identity, legacy, the Void, fear, growing up, independence, money... those kinds of things. So really, after being forced to delve into such grown-up things, I just do not get this. And for one, people honestly need to get their facts straights (unless they're intent is on fabrication and exaggeration). And a misuse of one word or an expression of suspicion could highly be exaggerated and misplaced when passed on to the next person. Such is the circular life of gossip and stupidity. 

Oh well, I guess some people get their distractions from different kicks. If for me its geekery things, maybe for others its endless gossip and backstabbing. I suppose, that's even sadder than the prospect of moving on to better pastures. 

Anyway, I had to embark on this just to partake in the whole he said-she said-they said syndrome that's been going on in the back of my life. Coz I mean, what about what I really said (especially if said content of story is about me in particular)? I guess people forgot about that amidst their story-inventing sessions. Tsk, tsk. Much luck!  

Enough ranting. Let me take a little time to discuss my outfit because I barely get to that in my usual posts -- a simple, chill and laidback outfit that's geared on to face any side of the sun and spruced up with somewhat heavy, but perfect for summer accessories and nude wedges. 

I am ecstatic to hit the beach in a couple of weeks for a music and arts festival! I can't wait to tell you all about that when the time comes. I'm thinking a new pair of shades and a nicely-printed bikini. I'm even tempted to further dare the idea of surfing. 

What can I say? I love summer and all the excitement it brings. 

Till then!

yours truly,


  1. So jealous you're wearing shorts! love the glasses. I"m your newest follower!


  2. Indeed, summer is fast approaching!
    And you just made it more faster!

    You looked very refreshing.
    keep it up!

    following you now. :)

  3. loved the first picture and your nude pumps.
    You seem so fun and happy !
    New follower here.

    :) Emma