Parking Lot Prairie.

Dress: INDIE-GO Shoes: Gold Dot PH Accessories: Forever 21
This would've been the perfect story if it wasn't done on the remnants of a parking lot. 

Because I live in a developing country, much construction and unlikely sights are found in almost all in one area. It's hilarious when caught on photo -- add on the stressful look I have as the sun hits my face and I look absurdly lost on the prairie. I'd like that, more greens and grasslands in this city. We're developing so much so fast, we're completely disregarding all things natural resources and greenery. 

But I suppose that's why we have our islands all about and untouched. 

I love how this dress makes me feel like I'm Wendy off to Neverland in her nightgown or I'm ready to be tucked into bed with this dress. I find it so romantic in such a dream-like setting kind of way, I had to shoot on a small semblance of greenery. Hopefully it all worked out. 

Thanks to this blog, I've had the lovely opportunity to be a regular contributor for a UK-fashion site, Global Fashion Space. So do check it out! My first piece details on Dolce & Gabbana's A/W 2013-14 collection (stunning and most interesting collection I've ever seen!). Aside from this, they've got lovely pieces from Rachel Fagiano of The Curatorial and Sasha Vine of Drops of Elixir, both amazing writers and contributors to fashion.

Hope you can show your support by visiting Global Fashion Space and reading all about the latest tidbits of this season's A/W collections. 
screen cap of GlobalFashionSpace.com

This is quite a short post compared to my usual, but I've been stressed moving and I've barely even made it  through arranging my clothes. Thinking of having an online garage sale coz I've much clothes I haven't worn (and probably never will now) and would love to share them to the world instead of the trash bin!

Till then, enjoy the photos!  

yours truly,


  1. ok this dress has me speechless. i am in love with the sheer element and the lace floral detail not to mention the blush tone. you chose the perfect statement necklace to go with it and look absolutely stunning. i am always drawn to the feminine romantic pieces! happy weekend xo


  2. I would def wear this dress!
    ps. love your banner x

  3. Gorgeous dress, it looks amazing on you!
    Your blog is fantastic, would you like to follow each other? Let me know. :)

    xx MJ

  4. Just found your blog, and I'm becoming a huge fan! I'm very intrigued by your style, but more so your writing style! I'd love to collaborate or just pick your brains for ideas some time


  5. I just loved the necklace and your blog is just amazing! Loved the logo!
    I would love if you check out my blog too


  6. Oh my goodness, I cannot get over how pretty that dress is! It flows so well.