Peplum Distress.

BLAZER: H&M TOP: Runway Dreams Shorts: H&M Bag: INDIE-GO Shoes: H&M
Photography by Monica Villarica

Okay. I'm going to be honest. When peplum became a somewhat huge fad a couple or so seasons back, I didn't get it. Sure, my interest was piqued but when finally faced with it up close, I found a sordid displeasure surging within me. I have never encountered a piece of clothing that could be so annoyingly distasteful and complex as much as the peplum top. I had no idea how to style it, no idea how it works, what its for, who decided to make it for the fashion world; not to mention, it also made me feel fat

Well, anyway, if that's the case, then why is this post all about me wearing a peplum top and why do I even have one?

Last year, when peplum was all the rage, I stumbled upon this top at a bazaar and just fell in love with it. Yeah, sure, at that point, I still had no idea how to wear a peplum, more so, like it, but this one just made me do the crazy and splurge. While I shirk at the thought of all things peplum, I am an extreme lover of prints and that was what got me with this one. And that's how the story goes. The rest follows. I'm still not confident in my styling when it comes to this particular piece, but hey, I love the print so here's goes nothing. 

On a side note: After 2 months of fully devoting myself and all my energies to this sole project, it is finally launching tomorrow, exact on the day of the owner's birthday. If you've been following me as of late, you'll notice all my main pieces mostly come from this local online store, INDIE-GO. Well, it's this project I've been working on for a bit now, wherein they wanted to revamp literally everything about their online store and so, INDIE-GO was born. It's been hard to say goodbye to its former brand name, but alas, changes are always inevitable and good in the long run. Leaving things behind? Always make for great beginnings after painful endings. 

Styling and every single form of design (from calling cards to promo ads to website design, etc) you will see INDIE-GO-related are all done by yours truly, so technically, this, by far, is my most challenging and prized work as of yet. Anyway, if you've been loving my outfit posts as of late, you'll be definitely love this brand as much as I do. Excited to post more about this in the morrow! 

I'll be sure to write more tomorrow about the brand for everyone's perusal! As of right now, I've got to get back on finishing a few more designs. For now, enjoy the photos and tell me how my peplum skills worked out! 

 yours truly,


  1. So cute!!! Love this outfit!!! Great blog! :) Your new follower!!! Check out mine too if you get a chance!!! :)


  2. I'm in love with your outfit!!!=)

    i wait for you for a new giveaway!


  3. i totally agreed about peplum, until i saw this post! you look stunning, pairing the floral printed top with the form fitted blazer really helps make the peplum subtle and more feminine/flattering. obsessing over your bag! leopard and mint, can a piece get any better? style envy! xo


  4. I LOVE that mint blazer !
    &Your purse! It's so cute ! & you are too :)


  5. Hey! =) I have just left you a comment on IFB in the forum as you asked for A/W outfit post for your project. I just went here to check out your blog and I quite like your style =) Although unfortunately here in Spain is way too cold to wear any of that yet I like yo see those outfits on you =)


    The Elegance Hunter

  6. Very cute designs, love your perspective. <3

    XO, Michi